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October 05, 2008

Postgame quotables, Wade Phillips version

Get ready for this one, Cowboys fans. Ole coach Wade got a bit fired up in his postgame presser. Here's what he had to say after the Cowboys pulled of a 31-22 win over the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday:

... I though that was a real good win for us. I think you learn a lot when you make mistakes and still overcome them. That's part of learning to win, part of being a team when things aren't going great. We kept fighting in that game and finally came through at the end. I was really proud of our team with the way they fought all the way through.

... We have some things we certainly need to work on. We'll try to address those.

... I was real happy for our guys because in close games, and games that come right down to the end, you need playmakers and you need people to come through. I thought we did that.

... We had a lot of guys involved. Of course, Felix on that fourth-down play was a big play for us early in the game. Keith Davis made a big play for us. He's our third safety. He's a smart player. He knew what was coming and made a really good play.

... I was disappointed in our kickoff coverage late in the game. Early in the game we played great. Those two in the second half gave them field position and gave them a little life at the end. But those are correctable. It looked like we had some guys that didn't hit the right gap.

... Cincinnati is certainly capable. They've got good players. They have a really good quarterback and really good receivers. We knew that. I thought our defense came through for us. I thought our defense played the way I think they ought to play. We missed a coverage here and there, but we also stopped them a lot of times down there. Of course, the turnover was the big play in the game.

... I think it's a concern anytime you're up 17 points and somebody gets back in the game some. But they didn't get back enough to win and that's the big thing.

... We could have kicked a field goal and gone up by five. We still feel like we would have won the game and I think we would have. It was a great reaction by Patrick.

... I thought our guys played as hard as they could play. Things weren't going right. We didn't play well in some areas. But we played well enough to win and come through at the end. The bottom line is whether you win or not, (the win) doesn't make up for everything. We've got lots of things to work on. We're going to work like crazy on getting better every week. We're going to correct the mistakes that we made. But you still need to learn to win. I think that some teams would have lost this game because things weren't going well. I think this team came through.

... We emphasized the running game. We've got a strong offensive line and good runners. It's something we wanted to establish . Some games, it's the running game. Some games, it's the passing game. Some games, it's whatever it takes to win. That's what we tried to do.

... We need to protect the ball, certainly. Again, that's something we've got to work on and (Romo) realizes that. But he continues to bounce back. He hits Terrell on a great pass on a big play for a touchdown. Whatever happened, we scored a touchdown at the end to put them away.

... They are doubling Terrell every play. That's what teams are doing. But again, we went back to the running game. If you keep those guys back deep, they won't have enough up front to stop our running game. That's what we've done in two games to really dominate the running game.

... We would like for (the offense) to be better, certainly right now in this game. Hopefully, next game, we will be on all cylinders. Everything is not going to be perfect every game. We've got to be consistent in some areas and we've got to improve some areas. We're going to work on those things.

... I don't know that we relaxed. They made some plays. That team took the Giants into overtime. I think it's a misconception about them. Carson Palmer played against the Giants and that was his last game. They took them to overtime and had a chance to win that game. We knew it was going to be a tough game. In close games, you've got to come through. That's what we did.

... Everybody's happy. We're all happy we won. It's hard to do in this league and we did it today.

-- Keeli Garza


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