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October 05, 2008

Postgame quotables, Jerry Jones version

Break out the Kool-Aid, everyone. Here's what Cowboys owner and GM Jerry Jones had to say after his team beat the Bengals 31-22 on Sunday:

On the game:
I knew that our play coming out would be a critical play of how this game turned out.

On Tony Romo:
When he came off the field (after he hit T.O. for the touchdown), he had a look in his eyes. I thought I was looking at Troy Aikman. ... Tony Romo had the one of the most competitive looks you've ever seen.

On his talk with T.O. on the sidelines:
I was just telling him how important a player he is to this winning team, and that his big play ability could be the difference.

On T.O.'s critical catch:
He's a great player and he made an exceptional play. Catching a ball on a slant and then taking it in on a slant was an exception play. I saw him wanting more. He didn't have the attitude like he'd done his part. He had a competitive attitude and look in his face.

On the team's competitive instinct:
I like what I saw today. I would say that we let an opportunity to really win decisively go by.

On Felix Jones: He is a critical spark to our team at critical times. He seems to be so effective against what I thought was a tiring defense. I thought we were going to run the ball right into the endzone. He has exceptional vision and he sets it up. He is too effective not to have him in critical situations.

On the team's overall play: I think I liked to see us respond the way we responded in this game. I would have liked to see us go in 24-3 at the half, but that's just the way it goes. We've got a chance to get better in certain areas. We were not able to get Carson Palmer rushed up in the game, and I think that had a big impact.

On learning how to win:  Of course, you have players like Felix who were not on the team last year, so they have things to learn. They should pay off for us down the road.

-- Keeli Garza


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