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October 05, 2008

Postgame quotables, Terrell Owens version

Usually, here in postgame quotables, we just jumble the entire offense together in to one post. But T.O.'s postgame presser was so odd, it bears it's own recounting.

Surely, you saw T.O. pouting, and even crying, on the sideline during Sunday's game. You probably even saw Jerry Jones go up and talk to him at one point.

After the game, T.O. approached the podium, gave a brief statement and bolted.

Here's what he had to say:

... I am going to make this short and sweet. I just have been dealing with a lot of stuff and this was a great team win. We fought hard to get back in this ballgame and there has been a lot of criticism all week, and it's more about getting my faith and giving God all the glory he gave me today. It was frustrating out there, but I just stuck with it. It's more about a star being on my helmet. God put me in a situation to let everybody know I am a man of God no matter what criticism I may take or people point at me. I am standing here today to confess my faith in God and the ability he gave me to go out there and show that on this football field today. God used me today for his glory and reality is what really resides. And that's all I have to say.

-- Keeli Garza


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He's about to become trouble - once a showoff always a showoff. If he's not the center of attention, he'll crack up.

What happened to using motion to get TO off the line and downfield?

T.O. is a completely myopian wackjob who like a lot of myopian wackjobs talk about God when there wackjobyness is pointed out to them.

It is hard to remember that athletes are actually real people too. We place our expectations and hopes on them not just because we love our teams but sometimes because we need an identity that shines with brillance in an otherwise frustrating world of circumstances. Well T.O. has circumstances and heartaches that are completely unseen to us; he has days where he wakes up feeling the same way you do when your A game has gone missing. Sounds like after being shaken he has gone back to find his grounding, his sure footing. How rewarding is it to see that he turned to God and not fame or a pills or drink! Sometimes I forget to pray for folks thinking that fame and money raise them above my circumstances, Thanks T.O. for re-grounding me.

As T.O. scored and after, I heard the crowd chanting "Tee-Oh.". My impression was that Terrell Owens was moved by the crowd's chants of appreciation.

Great post game comments T.O. That's the best one I seen thus far from you. But i have one problem. With the line It was frustrating out there, but I just stuck with it." i think you probably shouldnt of said that. Cause ESPN, and NFL Sunday night crew over on NBC already done dissected that part and made it seem like your still not happy. But anyways you should do that for now and on. Just say your post game comments and then bounce on em

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