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October 05, 2008

Postgame quotables, winning offense version

Here's what members of the Cowboys offense had to say after Sunday's 31-22 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals:

Patrick Crayton

On the offense's stop/start motion lately: Sometimes, when you sit on the sidelines for a while, you start thinking about different things and stuff like that. Sometimes you stutter. And sometimes, you click on all cylinders.

On his touchdown catch that tipped off Miles Austin's hands:
That's Coach (Ray) Sherman's distractions play that we run in practice every day. You have a guy in front of you and you have to just pay attention to the ball.

On the defense bouncing back in the second half with some big stops:
The defense never really stalls. Sometimes they give up some yards here and there, but they always bounce back and give us an opportunity to score.

On the play of the Cincinnati Bengals:
They had nothing to lose. You're 0-4, you better pull out all the stops to get a win somehow. They pulled them out. They went down and kicked the onside kick. I figured we would have seen more. I think the onside kick threw everybody off, but I wasn't surprised by the call.

Felix Jones

Is he surprised about his production? The big offensive line really created a lot of lanes for us running backs, me and Marion (Barber). We're in a great situation to be behind those guys. It's pretty much finding a lance and hitting it full speed.

On how big his run and facemask penalty was at the end of the game:
It was. It kept the chains moving and kept the clock moving and helped pull out the win. I thought the facemask was on me. I guess he grabbed my facemask, and as you can see, we pulled it out.

Jason Witten

On the connection he and Tony Romo have on the field:
There's continuity underneath and I think that's something that we have opportunities with, week-in and week-out with underneath routes. We try to take advantage of that.

On how difficult it is to feel good about this win: It's good to come away with the win, you have to look at the positive side. But we had a turnover right before the end of the first half and we weren't playing our football. We wanted to come back and make a statement. But they didn't quit either, but we were able to come back, make better decisions and now we'll continue to get better.

On the offenses struggles:
I wouldn't call it struggling. There are some plays you probably would like to have back, but we still put up 17 in the first half and we were still pretty powerful today. We rushed for 180 (yards) or something like that, so I don't know if oyu can call that struggling in any game in this league.

On what the Bengals were trying to do to stop them offensively: They were playing hard, but there was definitely a lull in there for us. We had turnovers and we couldn't connect. Incompletions there we weren't having the drives that we needed to go on. That's what you're frustrated about and disappointed  in, especially when you're playing a team that's 0-4 and you have a chance to put them away. We didn't do that and they made a game out of it. We're happy we got the win, but we have to continue to get better, and I think this team understands that.

Jason Garrett

On what they had to do offensively to get back into the game after a lull: You've got to keep banging away. They were doing a good job on defense, but obviously we made a couple of mistakes, turned the ball over and just got out of rhythm. But the most important thing is that you keep playing. We preach that to our guys all the time. There's going to be some good things that happen in games and some not-so-good things. They get paid, too. They're a good defense and they're coming in here to stop us. So you keep banging away and at the end of it, you have to score enough points to win.

On the team's ability to turn it around and get the big plays: You have to be mentally tough. You're going to be challenged each week in the NFL and you're going to have some good things happen and you got to keep playing. You're going to have some bad things happen. So I think this was a good step for us in that way, but we've got to go back to work tomorrow and clean up the stuff that wasn't good enough and get ready to practice on Wednesday.

-- Keeli Garza


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