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October 12, 2008

Postgame quotables, losing team version

Here's what members of the Dallas Cowboys had to say after Sunday's 30-24 loss in overtime to the Arizona Cardinals:

Wide receiver Patrick Crayton

... We're going to try our best and not let this hangover. Try to correct some things. I think this is about getting locked in more in practice and focus.

... It was like we were going to be given this. They just don’t give them to you. everybody

... We had good practices. I think just at times we’re just. Maybe we need our asses chewed out. You never know that might jump start something. We have step up and start playing ball.

... Washington should have been our wake up call.  I guess we hit the snooze button on Washington. Hopefully this is the on we need. This is sickening.

... I think we need to take it upon ourselves and be accountable with each other. It doesn’t have to be the coach. We need to take it upon the players to keep each other in check and keep it going.

... (The loss) is very frustrating. We had too many negative plays. We put ourselves behind the 8 ball too many times.

... We’re not struggling to find ourselves. Not at all. We just have to execute better. That’s all it’s about.

... People are angry. You’re angry. You’re mad.

Cowboys owner/GM Jerry Jones

... You’re going to have this happen to you. you can’t compromise … you’re going to do that on the road. This is a very good team.

... I think that certainly its easy to criticize the special teams but we got the long field goal they made at the end? It was a mixed bag. It’s real easy to point your finger here. overall I want to give the cardinals a lot of credit. They brought it. they were very physical. I’m proud of our group for coming back.

On the hit to Tony Romo: I just didn’t like it alarmed for his safety or alarmed becuae it prevented him from making plays? Not alarmed. They did a good job of keeping pressure on his. Give Clancy a lot of credit and his staff.

... They do a good job. We knew this was going to be a rough deal coming in here.

On Bruce Read: I don’t really give a lot of credence when you play as many players as we have. I don’t ever want to for instance one defensive coordinator one offensive coordinator. I'm not doing that at all. It’s a rough way to start the game. we had some good coverage later. That was a great onside kick that was picked up. let’s give him the credit there.

On the performance of the team the last two weeks: Defensively teams are doing a good job against us. They are mixing it up real good. There is no question they are mixing it up good.

... We know this thing is playing competent teams. You saw what happened around the league today. That doesn’t console me at all. We’re 4-2 and we’ve got a team that beat a Washington today coming up. I like everybody got my hopes up when we got back in that thing. Our chance was to get the ball and take it down the field and we didn’t do that. That wasn’t special teams that didn’t do that.

On Marion Barber: I thought he did good. As good as Marion was ,I was disappointed .. (inaduble)

Tight end Jason Witten

... (The loss) is very frustrating. We had a big swagger about us and a pretty confident group last year or year and a half. Offensively I never felt like we got anything going for us.

... They did a good job of getting around on Tony.

... I saw he was getting pressured a lot and that was it. he had to get the ball out quick. They did a good job and we weren’t able to counter it.

... We didn’t play our kinda offense. We never got the ball going running game or passing game. we weren’t very good at either one. It's disappointing and youre frustrated. It’s a good team and we are learning we aren’t going to walk out there and play good football.

... We knew they were going to fight hard. We knew they were tough at the end. Getting the ball we felt like we had some momentum but we weren’t able to convert and that hurt us.

Offensive lineman Leonard Davis

... In a sense because we didn’t want to get the quarterback hit like he was. We know that we’re better than that. But obviously we didn’t go out and prove it.

... Second effort on their part. Get a guy on the ground and he gets up and he makes a tackle or a play.

On Tony Romo being hit more: Oh yeah, definitely. I'd turn around way too many times and saw him on the ground. For real. That’s serious.

Offensive coordinator Jason Garrett

... I thought he did a really good job of fighting through some things. they did a good job of mixing things in. one of the important things with his position is to keep banging away and I thought he did that.

... It wasn’t easy but it was a good job by him to continue to plug away and finding the weaknesses to find a way to score some points.

Is Tony Romo hurt? He got knocked around a little bit today. But not that I know of.

... What we want to be is more consistent. That was a goal last year and we had some times where we had highs and lows and we’ve had that this year as well. they came in and they were spirited on defense and they made some things hard on us early but I thought our guys did a good job of hanging in. we need to play more consistent than we did today.

... We have good players and from the start of last year they’ve been trying to take Terrell owens out of the game and trying to take Jason witten out of the game and trying to defend the run. Those are all the issues we’ve had to deal with the whole time. You need to find some things within games that are good that they have to try to stop. When you get that going you can get some other things going. Our inconsistency and a handful of negative plays force us not to be able to dictate as much as we’d like to the defense.

Center Andre Gurode
... You asked a question that stumped me. I would say not as an offensive line but as a team we have to correct our mistakes.

... They are making plays and we’re making mistakes. We need to fix it. it is fixable.

Special teams coach Bruce Read
... Uhh, I don’t know if we’d knew we’d clean it up.

On the opening kickoff that was returned for a touchdown: I thought we missed about three tackles on that play.

On the last play of the game: I'd have to look at the tape to find out what happened. I have an idea what happened. ... It looked like a guy ran free off the edge.

On Read being the scapegoat for the loss: That’s fine. We were bad. We deserve it.

... The result I suppose is the most disappointing. Our guys are working hard and we have good players.

... I think we practiced them well. we have to apply it to Sundays. That’s when the real test is.

Linebacker Zach Thomas

... Always hate to lose. Every time you lose it makes you agitated. But we were a little inconsistent on d. we played well early and we stayed aggressive. They had 2 drives and we just have to be more consistent.

... I don’t know. I think Fitzgerald just went up for the ball. I think mainly him making great catches. And we had some missed tackles.

... We started strong. I think they had 4 or 5 3-and-outs all year and we put it on them at the start. We didn’t put it together and got a little out of rhythm.

... I don’t know. We have to keep working. Might sound simple but it’s the truth but we cant buy into youre’ good when you win games. You can’t try to look at we’re a good team. Good teams win these types of games. We have a ways to go.

... We have to drop the whole hype.

... The guys are working hard. We have to work harder. I don’t believe in that. Im just saying any time you turn on the tv and talk about how good we are. Well, we’re 4-2 good so we’ll just see how we react to this. We have some good leaders on this team and we’ll see how it plays out.

... Can't just pinpoint it just one anything. Just win ball games. We have a long ways to go.

... I don’t like to lose. There are such good character guys in here no one is going to sleep well. can’t cry about it. just come back and work and see if we can correct it.

... Look at the teams that have overcome those slow starts. Look at the giants last year. its all about get it together.

...We don’t have a lot of those guys, if any. After the year last year those guys aren’t used to losing so we’ll see how we react to this.


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During the Bill Parcels era with the Cowboys I always enjoyed hearing his speeches with the media and team. The one thing he always stressed was "Doing the simple things right". Based on my observation the Cowboys cannot even do that. Fumbles during a shot gun snap, fumble when a player is carrying the ball and being hit, dropped passes, pass blocking, quick snaps, field goal miss less than 30 yards, missed tackles, blown coverage’s, etc.. This team has no discipline and is headed down the same road when Wade took over the Bronco's in the 90's. Any chance Jerry rights the ship and lets him go and lets Jason Garret save it before it sinks any further? Also why don't they use Felix Jones more? He is more of a threat than Marion Barber. It's also time to let the Prima Dona’s go.

Gotta let Read go. Pathetic special team. BTW, send Bustie Carpenter out the door also.

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