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October 26, 2008

Postgame quotables, T.O. version

We couldn't have a round of postgame quotables without hearing from Terrell Owens, now could we? Here's what the wide receiver had to say after the win on Sunday against the Bucs:

... I think from a coach's point-of-view and his assessment of this team as a whole, we know why we were losing. I think some of it's energy. I think some of it's communication on the offensive side of the ball, the defensive side of the ball and even special teams. We've been a play here and there away from really breaking open and putting ourselves into some games. I think we've got to eliminate a lot of those mistakes.

... Our defense showed up today. A situation like this is just where ... you'd expect the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense to step up. It really shower that everybody was in-sync with each other. It's a part of how we've been practicing all week. We gave ourselves a chance. As an offense, we definitely appreciate the way they played together.

... We go into the game every week thinking we should win the game. Obviously, Brad (Johnson) played a lot better than he did last week. As an offense, we're not as efficient as we need to be. THere are things that will get better as we practice. We're looking forward to next week.

... As receivers, we're competitive. We feel like we have some playmakers. But we have to do whatever is necessary to win the game. For whatever reason, we got the dinks-and-dunks. We had some opportunities there ... but there's always room for improvement.

... I'm always looking forward to trying to make something happen once I get the ball. You just have to make the best of your opportunities. I think we did a great job of that today.

... We're just trying to execute, number one. We had some penalties that set us back a little bit. Those are things that won't allow us to be efficient as we need to be if we keep making silly mistakes.

... The most important out of everything today was that we got the win.

... You guys (in the media) want to create the negativity. I think a lot of guys are aware of it. I think a lot of the coaches are aware of it. You guys (in the media) put our head coach on the hot seat. We've just got to concentrate and worry about how we feel about each other in the locker room. That's all that really matters ... what was said in the locker room. Don't worry about what the media says.

... We're a young squad on defense. They are getting better and better each week. That bodes well for us going into the latter part of the season.

... I'm very confident going into next week. I understand we have to do some things to keep the chains moving. Brad is going to do the best job he can back there. We've just got to go make plays for him.

... Brad has been through the fire. He's been a starting quarterback. He's been a backup quarterback. He's been in every position that you really could imagine. You have to take your hat off to a guy like that. When he's back there, he tries to asses what the defense is playing in front of him and he tries to take advantage of what they are giving him. Brad is a professional. He's going to do the best that he can do.

-- Keeli Garza


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I'm so freakin of guys saying Barber is worn down in the 4th, OMG did you guys even watch the game?? Who was playing with more heart then he was?? You know the guy who got us that 4th and 1, the same guy who you guys assume breaks down in the 4th quarter but I seem to remember a 70 yd TD reception vs the Rams last week in guess what quarter??

4th Quarter!?!? Good lord, you people act like he should be running in the 4th quarter like he's on his 1st carry, any body is gonna be more tired, but lets quit making up things about him being tired, were ready to fold vs the Rams and his fight kept us in the game, this week we leaned on him and he kept the chains moving for us.

When is the last time he has been hurt since he was a Cowboy?? It's sad cowboys fans under appreciate this guy, true fans that watch film appreciate what he does and would quit making up things about him being tired.

Way too conservative, if a guy can't throw the ball 20 yards down the field he doesn't need to go into a week as a starter in a game. I suggest the Boys at least give a serious look into Brooks Bollinger. Nice to see the jump ball to Roy Williams, would have love to have seen the ball thrown to him more. I appreciate the effort but this team will not be able to hold the Giants to 9 points, and I'm not sure this offense can put up 14 points on them. I'm not for bringing back Romo until after the bye week, but I'm not sure giving Bollinger a chance is a bad thing. We have weapons at the wideouts that aren't even being utilized. When thrown to, the balls are usually behind with no possibility of gaining any yards after the catch. Your goal has to be more than moving the chains or keeping your defense fresh, sometimes you actually need to put the ball in the end zone. I agree with Tashard Choice needing some carries, Barber looked worn out in the 4th quarter.

garrett needs to remember tashard choice is on the team, and what about stacked reciever sets..choice is a heckuva back if givin the chance.

TO was giving the media the company line. anybody who watch the game could tell that TO/R. Williams was frustrated by the script that was handed to them by jason "ultraconservative" play calling, simply because the boy wonder garrett knows that "weak arm" can not hit the back of a bulls butt, so they put the offense on the shoulders of barber who wears down as the games goes now that he no longer comes off the bench with fresh legs, barber is the type of back that needs a period to re-group. it appears that running back coach skip peete does not trust putting choice in the game, choice must not show them what they want to see in practice to put him in the game. the ghost of the rams game will raise it's ugly head next week against the giants. the special teams still sucks, except for the punter who had the biggest hit of the day that fired up the defense and the crowd and the offensive line is terrible. it will be interesting to see when jerry gives jason garrett a game ball for the offense winning a game. oh i forgot romo want be back until the deadskins game.

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