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October 26, 2008

Postgame quotables, winning coach version

Here's what Wade Phillips (who received a game ball from Jerry Jones after the victory) had to say:

... It was a good team win for us. Our defense certainly stepped up today. Our offense had a tough time, but tough times sometimes happen. We had a big play with six seconds left. We knew we could get one more play in. We have been certainly working with Roy Williams. He is really strong besides on the field. He is just a big, strong target inside the red zone. We ran a fade route and he went up and got it. And that was the big play.

On hearing criticism: I think our players definitely stepped up. They work hard and were ready to play. I think they were frustrated that we haven't won in the last two weeks and that was part of it. They are a good group, they have leadership. I think that showed that the team came together.

On Tampa Bay: We knew they would come out with something. They are really strong offensively, one of the best offensive teams in the league, especially in the passing game, although they have been averaging 130 yards a game rushing. We shut down their running game. Once we felt like they couldn't run the ball on us, we were able to come with more passing situations.

On this win being a season-saver:
We, it was an important game for us, we knew that. Somebody asked me if it was a must-win game. I think all of them are must games at this point. We had to get some in the bank early. I think everyone knows after the bye we will be a lot stronger. We just got to get to the bye and try and win some games here. That's what we did this week and we're going to try to do the same next week.

On going for it on fourth down with six minutes left: Number one, I felt like we could make it with Marion and time was really a key. It's about two minutes per first down there, and if you can keep the two more minutes, I thought it would be a big plus for us. It ended up putting the pressure on them at the end of the game. I would have liked to make another first down and run the clock out, but we didn't do that. But that's the way we play.

On changing things defensively:
We have the same game plan every week. We change things, but it has to be within our system, so we look at every week we look at what we think we can do with these people and set up those calls and try to execute them on the plays. ... We have an aggressive defense anyway, and again, we wanted to stop the running game. They had been powering big personnel and been powering people pretty good and our front stood up against that, so third-and-one's where we stop them were pretty important.

On his involvement in calling the defense today: Brian didn't lose his job or anything like that. He does a great job. I just felt like if I got more into it, it would help. I don't know that it helped any. We conversed on a lot of things. I make the direct calls and he backs me up and that's what we do.

-- Keeli Garza


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