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October 08, 2008

Romo says team doesn't need in-your-face leaders

Much has been made this week in the media and with fans about leadership on the Cowboys. Because when things aren't going well, who will get this team going as a leaders? Some think they don't have any get-in-your-face guys in the locker or sidelines. They really don't. That's just not the style of some of the leaders on this team.

Tony Romo says the rah-rah, get-in-your-face stuff is for high school players, not pros. As far as leaders on this team, Romo thinks this is the best collection since he arrived.

"This is probably the best I have seen the leadership that surrounds the team. Because we have guys who know when to stand up and when to say what. I think the biggest misconception is that you need a rah-rah guy who is going to get in someone's face.

"You need someone to say it's time to execute and it time now to take your play up a notch. The guys who get in people face...no one here is 18 years old anymore. Guys take it personal when they don't play well."

- Rick Herrin


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