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October 29, 2008

The Playmaker Slips ...

Michael Irvin was a guest on Terrell Owens' radio show last night from The House of Blues in downtown Dallas. Apparently Irvin didn't realize he was on hot mic during commercial breaks.

And what he has to say implies something not so great about Brad Johnson.
This clip, of course, made it way to YouTube.com. Watch it here.

Decide for yourselves.

- Mac Engel


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maybe was irvin was letting to know how jerry feels about the situation. i notice the maturity of to when he let irvin know that the mike was still live. to is a leadere and to will do what it takes to win, but it's the media who always want to remind to about his past(especially espn, simply because to speaks what's on his mind.

Columbos tuff but he needs to know when toi be tuff...he almost got flagged during out td drive.

I don't care what anyone says, TO is a smart, competitive guy. I'd take him in ANY locker room. I'm sick of reading negative things about this guy, I'm sick of people talk trash about him. I promise you, if he took the leadership role on this team, you wouldn't see 99% of the lazy crap we watch every sunday. but these overpaid cry babies wouldn't be able to handle it. Also, bravo to Colombo for showing some intensity. It's good to see.

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