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October 07, 2008

T.O. explains his tears on Sunday

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens said today on The Michael Irvin Show on ESPN/103.3 FM radio that he "was playing with a heavy heart" Sunday against the Bengals after his mother had told him during the week that a family member had died. He said he had talked the night before the game to his pastor in Philadelphia who predicted the "anointing emotion" that would happen to him Sunday. When Owens went to the sideline after a 57-yard touchdown catch is when "it hit." Listen to the interview. Owens talks about the situation about five minutes into the podcast.


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Now maybe the media will take a step back and leave this man alone, but I doubt it. TO is a very passionate man who lets his emotion get the better of him way too often, but the media is on a witch hunt to see who can be the first to catch TO going back to his old ways. Give it a rest. As I like to say, "Let me screw something up, before you rip my head off. Don't just assume I am going to screw up and rip my head off before I get the chance!!"

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