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October 30, 2008

Witten Brings Reality

Although he is injured and said he will be a game-time decision, Cowboys tight end Jason Witten brought the truth on Thursday in the locker room. In arguably the most honest moment brought by a player this season, Witten assessed his team's situation going into Sunday's game:
"(The Giants) are playing really well, and we've struggled, even with Tony (Romo) out there, we didn't play our best football and I think we understand that.
"I don't think this team looks at it as being an underdog or anything like that. We're confident, we're going up there to get a win, and I hope everybody on this team, and I think they do, understands that and looks at from the same view point."
Witten may be the first member of the Cowboys to fully admit that the team had not been playing well with Romo playing.
And there has been some thought that the Cowboys may just write off Sunday's game as un-winable, and just prepare for the week after the bye when nearly all of the major injured players are expected to return.
Witten stomped on that theory, too, that just beating the Buccaneers to ensure a 5-4 record before the bye isn't good enough.
"We can't bank of that because we have a tough schedule then, too," Witten said. "It's not going to be an easy road when (Romo) gets back. This team needs to collectively understand that. We're not just going up there to play a game. We're going up there to win. If anybody is looking at it any other way they need to check themselves because we're going up there to win a game. Although people have them going to the Super Bowl we feel confident and we'll see where we're at."

- Mac Engel


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For someone to say it's ashame that Barber and Ware are the quiet type of leaders is a joke. It's ashame for who the media, the only way you think someone is a leader is if he is running his team down to the paper. If thats what you think a leader is your probably a minion at your own place of work.

You gotta love this guy. Where has this kind of message been all year? The players on this team better get it through their heads that nothing is going to be handed to them, NOTHING. You gotta earn what get in this league.

Jason is the second coming of Darren Woodson. What a class act!

It's a shame that your best leader on the team is your tight end, but tell me Jason Witten isn't that leader and your wrong. Kudos to Jason Witten for showing some heart. If this team had a couple more Jason Witten, Marion Barber, and DeMarcus Ware types, we wouldn't be in this mess. Unfortunately MBIII and DeMarcus Ware are the quiet lead by example locker room guys, but Jason Witten is the clear leader in the locker room. He is the guy that I think has become the most respected by the players and media types I believe. On a team that may have the most talent, is Jason Witten the only guy with his credibility in play that can speak the truth to the media? I love Bradie James, but he is not a pro bowl linebacker in this league. We need our pro bowlers Romo, Ware, and T.O. to lead this team. No one on this team has a better opportunity to prove them all wrong and make a name for himself than Tony Romo. Let's see in the next few weeks who steps up along side Witten and takes this team to the playoffs.

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