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October 12, 2008

Your Turn: Thoughts on the loss

OK, Cowboys fans. Stop spilling tears in your beers and let us know what YOU think about the Cowboys' overtime loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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There is plenty of blame to go around. It isn't just one segment of the team, its all of it. The coaches need to share the blame, too, starting with Jason Garrett. The play calling has been atrocious. There is no team work, just individual players. I think they actually believe all the hype written about them and think they can just breeze through this year! Super Bowl? In your dreams!

No blocking for the inside run, no blocking for the pass. This is one of the best offensive lines in the league. The coverage must have been outstanding if Romo had to hold onto the ball so long.

I think this whole TO thing needs to calm down. He's not the face of the team, and it has been proven we can win without him. If his role one week is to be the playmaker, he should be able to sit back and take on the roll of decoy the following week. Whatever it takes to win.

And for God's sake, fix the damn secondary. I feel like we're fielding the Yankees, all this talent, no results.

Well another great game the sorry cowboys played today after last weeks performance is it any wonder that they lost this game?
This team just plain sucks period. The defense is total garbage they cant and I mean cant stop an opposing team through a whole entire game that is imposable for them to do because the defense is such a joke. And what has happened to romo he fumbled the ball so many times today I lost count he needs to get his head out of the clouds and start playing some football but I wont put all the blame on him the whole team stinks and it doesn't look like it is going to get any better this year. This team talks how they are Superbowl contenders more like Superbowl pretenders they will be lucky if they even make it to the playoffs this year at the rate there going. And wade and Stewart need to go Jerry wise up and get rid of those two idiots they need to go now. Cowboys fans be prepared to be in for a long year with this sorry team. All that talent what a wast nuff said.

By firing Bobby Carpenter, that would send a message similar to the one that Jimmy Johnson sent, when he fired a guy for screwing up on the verge of the playoffs.

Wade HAS to make sure he's taken deadly seriously.

Too much affability.

Too little seriousness.

But beyond all of that, the guy that REALLY needs to be held accountable for the trend, GOING BACK TO LAST YEAR, for deleterious offensive play, has got to be, HAS GOT TO BE the boy genius himself, Jason G.

This idea of letting a team DICTATE what our offense will do, and NOT do, has got to be jettisoned.


And that produces a mindset, an attitude that is NOT aggressive.

HAS ANYBODY GOTTEN AN EXPLANATION about why our offense let us down against the Giants?

Have we EVER gotten a satisfactory explanation for only scoring 17 points in that game?

People note Romo's interception when time expired.

But what of the offensive anemia up to that point. We came out in the 2d half and did what......................................... ? We did nothing, for the whole 2d half, our offense did nothing.

I agree that it's October. However, this is the Cowboys 6th game. By this point, you know what you have. Right now, Dallas has POOR special teams play (This dates back to last year). WADE & JERRY, PLEASE FIRE THE SPECIAL TEAMS COACH. 19 WEEKS OF SUSPECT PLAY ON SPECIAL TEAMS IS ENOUGH TIME TO MAKE A JUDGEMENT. The Defense has to stop playing to NOT LOSE. They have to be more aggressive. Stop trying to protect these DB's. Jerry's paying these guys a lot of money. Let them earn it by covering somebody. The D has to be able to get off the field on 3rd down. The O line has to be able to impose their will on the D line. That has not been happening on a consistent basis.

Adam Jones = too short. can't cover, thug
get rid of him
Wade Phillips = ho-hum golly gee I guess we lost one but we tried,I love my guys....
NIce guys really do finish last...this team has no focus or direction..if you play bad, Wade's there to hold your hand
They may make the play-offs but then what?
wade sure doent know

underachieving, sloppy, weak, unprepared, excuses for everything, no answers, unemotional, and no clue. Yep, that sounds like a wade phillips coached team to me. looks like jerry messed up again, what's that, 1-5 for coaching choices? They think that just because there's a star on the helmet, all they have to do is show up and it's a win. FIRE WADE NOW!! otherwise nothing will change, and no playoffs. Guaranteed.

Adam Jones = joke he's too short, cant cover and a thug,..dump him
The team reflects Wade's atitude..."ho hum" "oh well..golly gee...oh well its early". blah,blah,blah,the succesful teams have focus the cowboys dont
they may make the play-offs!, but will still be un-focused
I'll follow and support them...BUT whata waste of talent

Who cares?
Everbody around here cares more about OU or UT or A&M or Texas Tech. They only care about the Cowboys when they're winning.

This team, and these pathetic fans, do NOT deserve any more playoff success.

Go watch another high school game or go watch the Sooners or Longhorns next week.

There's no question that this team is the most talented on the league. No doubt.

However, Cincinnati used to also be one of the most talented teams, but as we found out there, it doesn't matter when you have a bunch of selfish, me-first, prima-donnas, and thugs.

I know the 1992-1995 Cowboys also had a bunch of criminals, but they also had strong leaders in Troy & Emmitt, and a STRONG COACH in Hairspray Johnson.

This team has a guy I love in Romo, but he's a soft leader if anything, and it has the weakest coach in "Golly Aw Shucks Wade Phillips".

This team has no chance because of all that mess. Talent doesn't always win in the end.

Tony OhNo! will never be a clutch QB and this team of thugs will never win anything!

cowboys suck, you guys are so over-rated. out-played, out-coached, out-classed, and physically you were dominated, if the refs wouldn't have given you back the two fumbles that the cardinals recovered at the 20 and in the end zone, it would of been a blowout. say what you want, but the cardinals have won a playoff game more recently than the cowboys

Special teams is horrible. Need a new coach, enough said.

I believe that they have tinkered with Tony Romo to much. They have taken a scrambling passer and tried to turn him into a pocket passer. He has lost his edge. They need to allow him to be a sand-lot player and make plays. All of these years, all I have heard is they want a scrambling quarter-back, that is why they took a chance on the Q. They had one, and the tried to turn him into Tom Brady. Let him move around and make plays.

Defense, where are all of our stud corners? Oh thats right, they are 10-15 yards off the receiver.

Posted by: BP | October 12, 2008 at 07:44 PM

Dang it! I bought one the expensive Cowboy shirts . . . but I won't wear it because it's too embarrassing to be a Dallas Cowboy fan! The team needs better coaching!!!

Posted by: BP | October 12, 2008 at 07:44 PM

Cowboys fans are a joke!!!!

I would like to say that this would be a wake-up call. But then you would have thought that after the Redskins game. At some point it becomes want to more than scheme. Right now it appears that other teams want it more than the Cowboys do.

Worthless Bobby Carpenter.
Worthless Bobby Carpenter.
Worthless Bobby Carpenter.
Worthless Bobby Carpenter.
Worthless Bobby Carpenter.
Worthless Bobby Carpenter.
Worthless Bobby Carpenter.

Fire HC and special team coac and Booby Carpenter. Bobby Carpenter is just a payback from Bill to his old player. This guy is worthless.

The Cowboys lost the game in the trenches! Give the Cards credit the played their rear ends off. The Cowboys have alot of football left, so don't panic yet. Special teams where not to special today. Two TDS and a missed Fg really hurt the Boys today.

The Cowboys are hands down the most overrated team in all of sports!!!!!

I've been a life-long Cowboys fan. This team has immense talent, yet it really stinks. I'm not one to disrupt a team mid-season, but perhaps it's time to hit the panic button and jettison Phillips He has all the fire of day-old jello! Someone needs to light a fire under this team!...I don't think Garrett is the answer either...it's probably a good thing he didn't get a head coaching job in the NFL. He can't even get production out of a high-powered, multi-talented offense! And as far as the DC Brian Stewart...PLEASE!!...he should be someplace like Omaha coaching special teams on an arena football team!...Man!...this team STINKS!!

the past 3 games have been hard to watch...they have no disipline what so ever...wade has no balls to stand up to anyone...Romo is making bad choices and is starting to look like a rookie...they have all the play makers in the world but they cant do shit...Garret has got to do a better job at play calling...give the ball to Jones more often...Romo needs to go back to basics and learn how to cover the ball....get wade out of there and everyone he brought..special teams is terrible along with the secondary...if they want any chance at making the playoffs they need to make some changes...QUICK!

What a wonderful game. Keep it up boys!!!

Dang it! I bought one the expensive Cowboy shirts . . . but I won't wear it because it's too embarrassing to be a Dallas Cowboy fan! The team needs better coaching!!!

I wish I could say it is just October, but a lot of these problems have been going on dating back to last year (inept defense, shoddy special teams, etc). We were able to cover it up last year with a dominant offense. With the unknown demise of the offensive line, this is no longer a viable option, and exacerbates all of the problems. Running the ball is worthless when the line don't block. THen again passing ain't much better for the same reason. I would definitely pony up a first round pick for a Roy Williams (the real one) or Chad Johnson though. Stud WRs for a #1 pick in the 20s? That's a slam dunk to me. How often does that draft pick work out to that caliber of player. Once every 10 years? 20? I've never understood why more teams don't give up a first round pick for proven talent like that when it's offered vs keeping their late (20s-30s) pick and flip a coin on a yearly draft bust in that spot instead...

No offense in the first half, to many turnovers offensive line not blocking Romo not stepping up into the pocket, let's face it the defense cannot be on the field as long as they are and Dallas expecting to win the game! THIS IS NOT A SUPER BOWL TEAM BY ANY MEANS......... YOU GOT PLAYERS WHO WILL NOT HUSTLE FOR A FULL 60 MINUTES OF FOOTBALL BAD SPECIAL TEAMS AND BAD COACHING! ROMO NEEDS TO BE BENCH FOR 1- GAME AND THE PLAYERS NEEDS TO BE FINE FOR STUPID MISTAKES, AND JERRY JONES NEEDS TO TAKE SOME OF THAT MONEY BACK FROM ROMO!

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