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November 27, 2008

Do These Wins Impress You?

The Cowboys evened their record against the NFC West to 2-2. That's awful. One of those losses came against the Rams.
The Rams, dude.
That said, the Cowboys are 8-4 thanks to consecutive whuppins' of the 49ers and Seadogs at Texas Stadium.
The questions for the masses are, are you impressed?
And do you trust this team won't let you down (again) in December?

- Mac Engel


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Well, in a humiliating loss at New York, the defense "held" Eli Manning to 147 yards, while the Giants ran it for more than 200. Against the 49ers, the defense "held" Frank Gore to less than 30, while Shaun Hill (Shaun Hill?) flung it around for over 300 at 9.2 yards per attempt for two TDs. Just once I'd like to see the defense play a complete game, and I don't think yesterday was it. It's hard to get too excited about the pass rush abusing an injury-riddled O-line on a 3-7 team (not that I didn't Turkey Dance around the living room a few times.) It seems pretty clear at this point that "Mr. Fix-It" hasn't, and that if the Brad Johnson interlude did not convince you that Tony Romo IS the offense, then I won't even try to make the case that Tony Romo IS the defense, too. But he is.

now when it comes to the meat of the schedule, the cowboys should be focus and ready to make a run toward the playoffs. i would not be surprise if the cowboys went 4-0 in the month of december, simply because of the adversity and injuries the cowboys have faced and was force to take one game at a time.

Yes, this is the NFL! Every win is impressive, especially when it is decisive. I think there is some unjust criticism that has come upon the team this year. No team has had as much problems with injury at key positions. The Patriots lost Brady, but they didn't have Brad Johnson backing him up. It seems that everybody wants to throw these guys under the bus at the first sight of trouble. The NFC is much harder than in years past, because all the good teams are in 2 divisions. Last place Philly took it to Arizona, that's how good the NFC East is. I think Arizona would get hammered if they played the Cowboys right now. The only reason we lost to them the first game was because of our horrible Special Teams. I'm confident that the Cowboys have the talent to beat anyone when healthy and dialed in. It seems to me that the injury hurdles has created a sense of urgency in this team that I haven't seen since the great teams of the 90's. There is some special players on this team, don't be surprised if they finish 3 and 1 and make the playoffs.

Every win is impressive....aren't that good to not be impressed. Tony p'd me off with all those passed when we should have ran out the clock.

I am only impressed to the extent that -as a general proposition - good teams should beat bad teams on a consistent basis. Right now the 'boys are playing with confidence and focus, hopefully it will translate into these last 4 games. We absolutely need to win 3 of the last 4 games to make the playoffs.

Give the guy a break...he was probably working late into the evening. Typed a quick blog note and didn't proof it. I'm sure those criticizing have NEVER done that.

Answers: I am not impressed, but I am pleased. They did what they were supposed to do. They have let me down in too many Decembers, so my trust level is not there yet.

Shutdown, dude you need to learn grammar. Does these?! Go back to school.

I don't ever comment but..."DOES THESE"....Grammar FTW

But a wins a win so all wins impress me.

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