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November 23, 2008

Grade the Cowboys against the 49ers

The Cowboys got a win - but did they make the grade with their performance on Sunday?

Grade the following units in the comments below:



Special Teams



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Offense B- Too many damn passes not enough running...if we ran as much as we needed to. MB would have passed 1,000 by now.
Defense B C in the forst half and A in the 2nd.
ST's A+ Props to Wade and/or JJ in nabbing ST's sensation Polk!!!!

Offense: C+

What else is new? They didn't employ quick throws to sell the pump fake; they didn't run well enough to sell play-action; and they didn't go for it on 4th-and-a foot, late in the 4th quarter, deep inside 49ers territory. Too many penalties, again.

Defense: B

CBs playing 10 yards off on 3rd and 1? Soft zones vs. the quick-passing 49ers and Isaac Bruce? Keith Davis and Patrick Watkins looked lost at times. Personal-foul penalties late in the game allowed SF to creep back in, proscribing the notion of resting starters for Thursday's game. Less than 30 yards rushing allowed and QB pressure are saving graces.

Special Teams: B+ [The grading here is handicapped by the absences of Felix Jones (KO ret.) and Mat McBriar (P).]

KO coverage was much-improved, and the punt-block and safety, naturally, raise the grade. But, besides the fluke 70-yarder, the new punter's ducks and shanks gave the 49ers a huge field position advantage. This has been a trend, just like the diminishing running game. You never know how important the punter is until you've lost a playoff game in OT on a FG — thanks to a 27-yard punt returned 28 yards, or something similarly maddening.

Coaching: C+

See: "Offense," "Defense," and "Special Teams."

Offense B+, not enough in the running game. We will miss Felix. Please believe it.
Defense B+, great red zone Def, QB pressure was at a premium. Love it.

Special Teams C, Nick Folk is still the best kicker if the NFL.Polk was a great pickup. Davis is always making takles. Still miss Felix on those returns. We need Pac to get us some threat of a return. It changes coaches game decisions like directional punting, etc. We strike no fear in those games.

Coaching C, Speacial teams coached should be lynched, Phillips needs to keep continuing man defense. Garrett has to learn how to make re-adjustments(counter) to the Offense when other teams make their own adjustments. Also learn how to use players in other ways. We are too vanilla sometimes.

A For the offense they won the game again for the second week and ran out the clock again when the 49ers were comming back.

C For special teams they allowed some big returns today from the 49ers that seems to be an ongoing weekly thing that needs to be fixed soon.

D For the defense they made some good plays today but as allways and this is like beating a dead horse now they need to play all four quarters but the defense did not do that today and allmost allowed the 49ers to come back and win the game and that has to stop the defense needs to play hard all four quarters otherwise something ugly is going to happen again.

Offense: B+ : Didn't pick up til the mid 2nd qtr but by far good

Defense: C+ : They still lack heart, and start giving up on plays when they are in the lead, expect offense to make up for what they hand out.

Special Teams: B : They are doing a lot better by far, and haven't really given up too much.

Coaching: B : Coach Wade, needs to teach discipline, and teach the def. to play all 4 qtrs, but the off coordinator has improved, and Spec. teams coach has done more to improve his unit.

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