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November 24, 2008

Injury Update (Bad News)

Cowboys guard Kyle Kosier has re-injured his foot again, and is not only out for Thursday's game against the Seahawks but the Cowboys are considering shutting him down for the season.
Kosier originally hurt his foot in the preseason, and he came back for Week 3 in Green Bay. At the end of the game, he re-injured the foot and was put on the shelf until the game in Washington two weeks ago.
Kosier injured the foot against the 49ers again, and Cory Procter replaced him again. The Cowboys are going to have Kosier get another opinion before they make a decision, but it's not looking good.

Elsewhere on the injury front, corner Mike Jenkins (hamstring) is likely out for the game against the Seahawks.

Tight end Jason Witten, who is probably still seeing little green men after he was leveled on one play against the 49ers, is expected to play.

- Mac Engel


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BRUCE,My Co-worker said No.25 (Watkins) got kicked or kneed in the nads on that TD play...I have to watch thew tape to verify it though. He said Watkins was laying on the ground like Butthead, after Beavis kicks him a good one!!!

Hey what happened to Patrick Watkins? He walked off with his arm down like he broke a collarbone or separated a shoulder or at the least got a stinger... so can you tell us what happened and how he's doing? Hate to loose his range and his special teams!!!

Thank God Witten is ok after that hit from that DUMB PASS!!!!!

How did Jenkins strain a hammy?

Maybe trying to get out of the way of another ball carrier?

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