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November 23, 2008

Postgame quotables, Cowboys offense version

Here's what members of the Cowboys offense had to say after the 35-22 win over the 49ers:

Martellus Bennett

... This was a good win, if we win like that it's a different type of win and to win games like this just shows you how good you are. Any win is a good win.

... I don't think anyone lost their swagger, it's just like that Young Jeezy song and the T.I. song, Nobody's got a swagger like ours. We just trying to shine when we get a chance.

(Do you think if you complain, you will have a 200-yard game?) I don't read the media, I really don't pay attention to you guys. Half of the stuff you say isn't true. But well, for the most part probably, so I might try it this week. ... Nah ... I'm just playin'.

Roy Williams
(On playing Thanksgiving with the Cowboys) I just hope that we win the ballgame, I can't say anything about the Lions, we struggled a bit on Thanksgiving. Hopefully, we can get the W.

(On Terrell Owens' 200-yard game) That's T.O. I think Clements had a rough day, and when the man had 200 yards. I was getting on to him for having 199 for the longest, and the last catch, as you can see, he ahd his eye on it. He wasn't going to let that one go. My hat goes off to him for another 200-yard performance and helping us win the game.

(Do you think if you complain you will have a 200-yard game?) I don't know. I never complain, I'm just happy to win. T.O. is T.O. He's a playmaker, that's what he is. My hat goes off to him

(Does the short turnaround bother you?) No, it doesn't bother me at all ... that's what we get paid to do. If we ahve to play tomorrow, we have to play tomorrow. It's a great time for us, the nation will be watching us and we have to perform once again.

... I think T.O.'s first long touchdown really woke this crowd up, woke the defense up and woke the offense up, after that play the Cowboys came to play.

Tashard Choice
... It's actually cool, another game, another game come quicker. It's always good to play. I've been watching to Cowboys play on Thanksgiving since I was young, so to be in one, it's going to be special.


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Bennett reminds me so muxh of Andrew Bynum. So raw yet so much promise.

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