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November 23, 2008

Postgame quotables, Cowboys owner/GM version

Here's what Jerry Jones had to say after his team's 35-22 win over the 49ers on Sunday:

On the defense: I thought the defense was the difference that turned the game around for us. I am really proud of the entire bunch. ... Terence Newman and Anthony Spencer are in the mix and are difference-makers.

On his team's focus:
At the end of each game, that will be what we're about. Every one of these wins are championship-like games.

On Terrell Owens: If we can get him the ball, we can win the game. ... The facts are that when we give him the ball, we can really have success. ... We made adjustments to what San Francisco was doing, but we did not alter the plays of the game to get Terrell Owens the ball more. ... I think Jason Garrett and Terrell Owens' relationship is outstanding. ... He is an exceptional athlete and an exceptional player.

On Adam Jones' return: I don't think it will effect us one iota, at all. Terence Newman stepped up and played well. You can't get enough corners. I am glad where we are right now.

On Witten's hit: He seemed to be fine. It was his ribs that were giving him the biggest problems.


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"He seemed to be fine" ?????????? Romo almost murdered my TE (dumb pass) and our Owner/GM/Head Couch/and now proclaimed trainer thinks Witten was ok????????

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