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November 27, 2008

Postgame quotables, Tony Romo version

Here's what Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo had to say after throwing for 331 yards and three touchdowns in a 34-9 win over the Seattle Seahawks:

How close to 100% is the finger?
It's getting closer. I would be very surprised if I wore the splint against Pittsburgh, but you never know what will happen within the next week or so.

On the offensive line: 
I thought the o-line played outstanding tonight. Some of the protection and moving around, we had a couple of miscommunications by the backs just to their guy, so we missed on that. But those are easily correctable. We had a couple of big plays we left out there and if we can protect that up.

On the importance of momentum heading into December: You're supposed to go out there and try and win games. When I got back on the field, I was hoping I was going to be able to help this football team after the injury. I felt like we had a good chance to come out and win some games. This team never lost confidence. We went through a rough patch there and we are still not out of it. We still have to keep going forward and putting together wins to get in the playoffs, but I do know that our confidence level is where I feel like on any given Sunday, we can play with anybody. It will be interesting to see how we can continue to go forward.

On Roy Williams getting the ball:
He cares. He still wants the ball, just like T, just like Witten, Crayton, they all want the ball. They just do a good job of hiding it from you guys sometimes. But it's great because he is a high character guy. He runs good routes. He is a great player and we're lucky to have him. I am excited about the possibility of this offense going forward. We are still mising some pieces, and we got injuries and we are still trying to overcome certain things. That's the stuff you got to keep playing through and hopefully this season, that won't be the reason why it doesn't end the way we want it to. We are hoping to write a chapter that moves on and goes deep into the playoffs, and hopefully the Super Bowl, if we can get there -- into the playoffs, and if that is the case, we have overcome a lot and we will be really excited about that.

On Jason Witten: Jason Witten is the aboslute perfect tight end in all ways. He runs great routes. He blocks in the backfield,and he is a good run blocker. His timing is impeccable. He's got good hands. His size, and then on top of that, he is a tough guy and a high-character guy. He is a really easy guy to play with and makes everyone around him better.


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Hiss INT's piss me off like nothing else. He throws that damn ball more than he needs to. I love him but I really curse him out in the 3rd qtrs.

I totally agree. The Cowboys don't have enough balls to go around. I would like to see more to #11, but I think 81 is still the bigger playmaker. Crayton has never had it easier. I also think Jason Witten and Marion Barber are the heart and soul of this team. Romo hit the nail on the head when describing Witten.

He would never say it, but I think the Romo guy is pretty special too. Maybe in the post season the fans will give the guy the respect he deserves. He's a playmaker, and has become an elite QB in a very short time. Not bad for an undrafted free agent.

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