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November 23, 2008

Postgame quotables, Wade Phillips version

Ready for some excitement, kids? Here's what Coach Wade had to say after the win over the 49ers:

... It was an important win for us. I thought we started out a little slow, obviously, offensively and defensively, but once we got going, I thought we played real well. The demise of Terrell Owens has been overly exaggerated. I think we can see that he still has it, and if we get him the football, he can make plays and we did give him the ball. I thought our defense and the two goal-line stands certainly made a big difference in the ballgame and after that, we took control offensively and defensively. There are still some things to clean up. At the end of the game, we had two 15-yard penalties. Basically, giving them an opportunity to score late in the game, but I was pleased overall with our team effort. We only got a short time to celebrate because we have to get going on Seattle tomorrow and all of them know that. But this was a nice win for us.

On T.O.'s involvement this game: I don't know that we changed a whole lot. We changed quarterbacks back to Romo, that's a big part of it. We feel comfortable playing at home with our fans, that's important to us. Having a game at home, we feel comfortable and I thought we felt comfortable with our offense and defense.

On success with other teams pressuring T.O.: It's hard with all those weapons when they start playing on guy and that's what we thought would happen. Unless you can get pressure on our front. Our offensie line did a good job of protecting and that was important.

On protection and third-down conversions: Third downs, offensively and defensively, they didn't make very many and we made a lot of them. We ahve consistently done that, that's when Romo shows up and our talent at receiver. We made a lot of third downs.

On being 7-4:
We are going one game at a time and the next game is most important to us, and that's the big thing. We are just looking at ourselves and trying to do well, and if we do well, everything will take care of itself.

Was T.O. more motivated this week? I thought he practiced really well this week. We commented Thursday or Friday on what a great route he ran. He works at it now. We might put in a west coast offense, but I thought this one worked this week.

On Nick Folk and the overall game: Nick made a lot of field goals, which was really important as far as the game and number of points that we had with him kicking the ball. We got the big touchdown and  blocked the punt, so we did some good things. Our coverage was great. We let down a little bit at the end, defensively, and special teams coverage on the kickoff - and that bothered me a little bit. But nothing is going to be perfect.

On having Tony Romo back: When you score 35 points, a lot of it has got to be the quarterback. When you win, it's the quarterack. When you lose, it's the coach.


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I'll take Wade any day & twice on Sunday - re-read Singletary's post-game comments - HE DIDN'T HAVE A CLUE.

Clarence, where do you get off with the assine smart-a** statement "Ready for some excitement, kids?" That is TOTAL B.S. You media types think you know everything when you actually don't know CRAP. How well are your "Pet Coaches" Andy R. in Philly, Sean P. in N O, and Norv T. in San Diego, doing? Like I said I'll take Wade P.

I'd rather have Singletary: "Mike Singletary, Wade Phillips total opposites in approach to coaching"

Wade: "When you win, it's the quarterack. When you lose, it's the coach."

Good grief, our head coach is more sensitive than my wife.

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