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November 16, 2008

Postgame quotables, winning team version

Here's what members of the Dallas Cowboys had to say after the 14-10 win over the Washington Redskins:

"I feel like this was a must win game and we dug ourselves (as a defense) but we were able to pull ourselves out of it.

"I love having Terence back. He's a playmaker."

we just out lasted them and we showed how good we could be.

It feels good to have everybody back and healthy.

(on covering moss)
I think he caught one pass against me.

For us, we have to stack wins together and then the perception of us will change.
We went from a Super Bowl favorite to not making the playoffs.

Losing wasn't an option. It was good to get key players back. Terence newman stepped up and made some plays.

We made enough plays to win and hopefully we can get some consistenty here.

This is all about us. I don't even know who else did what today.

We have key guys back and it made a difference. It was a game we needed to win.

It was good for us because we felt like we had a chance to run these guys out and I think we did that.

hopefully we can do it like that last drive before the hand of the first half.
everyone touched the ball and we scored a touchdown and we all had smiles on the sidelines.

it was a good omen for our team and now we have a chance to take this thing and go.

I was anxious to see how t.o. played with roy. washington had to cover everybody.
i saw it tonight. they had to play us balanced. and i think with what we've got at any time we can make a play

it was great to have (romo) back. He gave this team confidence.

it would be nice to have felix back. it would be nice to be able to give barber one carry off.

I don't want to say this was the best game (by the defense). I want tos ay the best is yet to come. I'm not going to pat myself on the back because we know what we have ahead of us.


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Thanks DEFENSE! That is the most complete game by the defense all year including the Bucs game. They went in to a hostile situation against of good team and won. Big shouts to Terence Newman, he blanketed Santana "Cowboy Killer" Moss all night long. Especially loved the interception. I thought Romo was pretty rusty out of the gate, but he clearly took control of his offense. Romo not only makes a difference to this team with his play, but also it helps the placebo of the whole team. All of you calling out Romo before he left should be ashamed of yourself. Tonight was about the Defense, the much better O-line, and MBIII. I think the Cowboys have two good opportunities to get this offense fine tuned again before the trip to Pittsburgh. This isn't Mission Impossible, I think by beating the Bucs they should get in at 10-6.

Great play Defense. Thanks 'Boys for saving the season and giving me something to root for again.

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