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November 24, 2008

Singletary's Day After View of T.O.'s Big Day

San Francisco coach Mike Singletary fielded a few questions on Monday, one day after Terrell Owens personally destroyed his team in a 35-22 loss.

Here are some of the highlights from his press conference:

RE: How much of T.O.’s [Terrell Owens] big game is due to what you were just talking about: the secondary play? How much of it was scheme? Could you have covered him differently? Could you have double-covered him the whole game?
“Sure, you can double-cover anybody the whole game.”
RE: Why not in this case?
“We didn’t feel that it was warranted. We didn’t feel that it was necessary to do so. Even in the pass that he caught over Nate Clements’ head, there should have been help over there. It wasn’t just Nate. You’ve got a post safety that has to get over there and help. He could have been sacked in the back field for a loss. No, it’s not just Nate. But it’s primarily Nate because Nate’s supposed to be on top of that thing. There are certain teams that we play against where if they have a receiver that you say, ‘We need to double cover this guy.’ But if you turn on the tape, and you look at Terrell Owens, there are a number of teams that put a db [defensive back] down there, they get his hands on him and he can’t get off the jam. If that’s the situation, why in the heck would I double team a guy every time when you can put one guy down there and put your hands on him, and you stop him. You knock his timing off. It didn’t happen a lot yesterday. What happened sometimes is what Dallas has begun to do is move T.O. inside where he can get off the ball, and you don’t get a chance to get your hands on him as much rather than moving him outside. That’s one of the things that they began to do. But understand as we look at it, trust me, it’s not just the scheme. The scheme is designed to work a certain way, but everybody has to do their job. So on the two or three big plays that he made, everybody has to do their job and they did not. But it’s not the scheme.”
RE: Was he supposed to have been jammed at the line on those big plays and was not? Is that what you are saying?
“One of them. One of them he was supposed to be jammed coming up the field. One guy just kind of reached out and rather than knocking the snot out of him, he just reached out and kind of touched him and he ran up the field and Mark Roman was chasing after that. Mark Roman saw him a little bit late. Mark was supposed to be on top of that. Was not, but yes he was supposed to be jammed on that play. The jam, the one with Nate Clements, that was just Cover 3. Nate just has to be on top of that. I feel that when you are playing football, you’ve got to play the game and if you have a guy out there that you feel in certain situations, there are certain downs and distances that some guys appear more than others, then you have to make sure that you plan for that, but I thought we had a heck of a plan going into the game. I still think it was a great plan, but you have to execute it. It’s as simple as that.”
RE: When you say it wasn’t just Nate [Clements] in this case, I was just wondering, a lot of it was Nate o n T.O. [Terrell Owens]. Was it a mismatch with a guy so much bigger than Nate? Was it just a mismatch that you got stuck with?
“I think I explained this yesterday. No, it wasn’t a mismatch. I think Nate Clements can cover T.O. If we just said, ‘Nate Clements go over there and get on the line of scrimmage and do not let him off the line of scrimmage,’ I would say nine times out of ten, Nate Clements would go over there and do that. That’s not the way we play defense. That’s not the way we played it this way because they have so many other guys that can hurt you. They’ve got a No. 82, they’ve got a No. 24, they’ve got a No. 84, they’ve got a No. 11. So T.O. was a guy, that we thought, you know what, we need to do this against. The ball that he got up field when you talk about mismatches, the ball that he caught up field, should have been on top of it and it’s as simple as that and when you play defense, there are times that you want to change it up. There are things that you are doing, but to put somebody over there on T.O, where you have five other guys that can kill you over here. I don’t know how wise that is.”

- Mac Engel


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God forbid, Mike does not get the SF HC job, we need him at defensive coordinator!!!!

That sounds like Safety help to me... ie Double cover. If you are rolling a safety to his side for deep help then yea anyone can CB can jam any WR an just stay in the trailing position because they know help is deep. T.O not only have been seeing that type of coverage but they have been sliding a LB in the Slant lanes as well...Triple coverage. Coaches can call it whatever they want but more so then not teams do not want T.O running free all over the field they will have a player over the top and a player underneath at all times. Mike felt that Nate would be fine but you would think after the 3rd long pass somebody would have radioed down... "hey we need to jam this guy an keep him on the line."

T.O. is no spring chicken however Micheal Irvin told Keyshawn Johnson when he was a Cowboy that if you want to beat the double team.... tell the coaches to run the ball more. We have NOT run the ball well the line have not been their dominate self when it comes to opening holes for MBIII so there is no reason for safeties to drop into the box. there has been no reason to keep the LB's closer to the LOS.

That is why Defense focus on stopping the run because if you can't run an all you can do is pass then WR's will be running patterns in to congested area's with head hunting safeties.

exactly in what I have been saying since writting on this blog. TO can be stop, his quickness is in decline and does not have it to get off the line of scrimage, until TO learns how to beat press coverage he will continue to see it more so in the games in december where a defensive back will take chances simply because of the strength of the front seven (steelers, giants, ravens, eagles), if TO suddenly has the fountain of youth in him, maybe when father time catches up with a receiver the drop balls become more and more. also TO may have an eye issue now that he is wearing a shield. let's see if TO returns to form like he did last week and duplicate the same performance. i say no, because at 34yrs of age the body can only take so much punishment as a receiver in the cowboys style of offense. this could be TO last hurrah in big D.

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