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November 25, 2008

Thank Steve Breaston

 I have no idea who Steve Breaston is other than he taught the Cowboys a lesson to never assume just because you've never heard of a guy doesn't mean he can't kick your butt.
Steve Breaston is the Cardinals receiver who on Oct. 12 taught the Cowboys to plan on every player they will face will try harder than he ever has before.
In the Cowboys' 30-24 overtime loss against the Cardinals Breaston caught eight passes for 102 yards and a touchdown. To be fair to Breaston, he's not a bum. The second-year receiver from Michigan has 54 receptions for 728 yards this season. He also has three 100-yard receiving games this season.
But his performance against the Cowboys was almost humbling.
One prime example I can talk about is Steve Breaston from Arizona,” Cowboys linebacker Bradie James said. “In all of the games prior to that one when we played against Arizona

if you sneezed on him or whiffed at him he’d fall down. He would take us on full blast like a fullback and he plays receiver and bouncing off him like we were nothing. We knew from that point guys were going to give us their best so we had to bring it.
“I hit him a couple of times and he acted like he didn’t want to go down. It was shocking.”


- Mac Engel



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That news sucked on that last name!!!!

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