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November 23, 2008

The Not So Great: Offensive Line

The offensive line probably should send Tony Romo a thank you note for bailing them out of a few sacks on Sunday. His quick feet allowed him to elude rushers several times, including on a few of those long throws to Terrell Owens.
But this wasn't the line's greatest day. The running game averaged 2.6 yards per carry.
And of the Cowboys' eight penalties, five were on the line:

* Marc Colombo had a pair of false starts
* Leonard Davis was called for holding and a false start
* Flozell Adams was called for one false start

- Mac Engel


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I'm glad someone wrote about the fact that the o-line struggled yesterday. Let's be honest this year was supposed to be about a championship run and that WILL NOT HAPPEN with the o-line playing like they did yesterday. Unless they can put together a consistent string of above average or dominant performances, they may not make it out of December to try to make their case. Even Tony "Skywalker" Romo doesn't have that much control over the force.

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