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November 27, 2008

The Turkey Dance - an Explanation

Cowboys defensive end Jason Hatcher deserves props for creating the turkey dance he and his defensive teammates used again and again on Thursday when they were in the process of turning Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck into the fabric of the Texas Stadium turf.
Hatcher was playing catch with defensive end Marcus Spears this week when after making one nifty sideline catch he broke into the dance.
"I did the Billy 'White Shoes' first," Hatcher said. "I said, 'You know what, we need to break it into the turkey, and pretty much all of the guys bought into it."
It was his idea that his teammates should use it after big plays, and any time one didn't a fine was coming. Not sure what the fine was, but at least one player - Terence Newman - apparently has a fine coming.

- Mac Engel


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Sacks Isn't that what the 3-4's suppose to do???

I'm glad they had fun, we are going to need to keep that pass rush coming! I know we all collectively held our breath when DeMarcus Ware went down. Kudos to Brady James who has been steller in the last few games.

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