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November 23, 2008

What Do You Think Greg Ellis Means?

Linebacker Greg Ellis was doing his best job at being politically correct after the game, but if he's ticked it usually comes through.
When asked about the big change in the game, Ellis said, "I think (defenders) got in a better position. I didn't play a whole bunch myself, so maybe that's what happened. Maybe they changed the calls. When you're not in the game you don't get the calls so maybe they changed the calls. I don't know."
Translation - since Anthony Spencer has come back I never get to play as much any more, and that bums me out. Big time.

- Mac Engel


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Brad Sham said T.O has lost his game. Older, slower and isnt the "guy" he used to be. Errrrr, Mr. Sham, you're wrong!!! How could you be this close(access wise) to the Cowboys as anyone in media, and screw that statement up. Terrible ANALysis from a journalist who evidently doesn't know much about football. Are you kidding me Brad..I also remember another journalist Tom Osbourne who told me during pre-season that the Boys would be just fine with Brad Johnson. Also said he would be better than anyone the cowboys could bring in. You know, I cannot believe the actually pay these guys for the worst ANALysis..

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