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November 17, 2008

Will Felix return against the 49ers?

Cowboys rookie running back Felix Jones wasn't ready to return against Washington on Sunday. He still hasn't played since he suffered a pulled hamstring against Arizona on Sept. 28.

So will he be back this week?

"We'll see," Felix said Monday morning when he came in for treatment.

Felix has become a lot less confident about when he will return as the athletic trainers have been cautious to make sure he doesn't come back too soon and re-injures the hamstring. Felix has not practiced since the injury.

But starter Marion Barber needs the relief. He rushed 24 times for 114 yards and averaged 4.8 yards per carry against Washington.

- Rick Herrin


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We need him for the next 2 games. The offense needs to get back to putting 30 points on the board! Banging Barber was very effective this last game, however, I want to see the weapons fire on all cylinders. I want to see TO, Witten and Roy "Uno Uno" spread the field. I want to see Romo gunslinging for big yards and TDs. This team, when HEALTHY AND FOCUSED can beat any team in the NFL (including NYG)!

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