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November 23, 2008

Your Turn: Thoughts on the Cowboys' win over the 49ers

The Cowboys beat the 49ers 35-22 on Sunday, and Terrell Owens tied the fourth-best single-game receiving performance in Cowboys history, catching seven passes for 213 yards.

"They unleashed me today," Owens said in his postgame press conference.

What do you think about the Cowboys (and Terrell Owens') performance on Sunday?

Tell us in the comments below!


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T.O was as good as he says he is, and the offense will really click when Roy E. Williams starts contributing. Just wish we still had Felix (or Julius) Jones to help Barber out. Doomsday might be coming around--but they need to stop giving up those long plays early on. Romo and Witten are studs, playing hurt like they are. But will these guys ever come close to the 1992-95 Cowboys? I love the '92 team more than any other favorite team of mine in any sport. So good to see the replay of that '92 NFC Championship the other night. Hey! can we get Emmitt back to back up Barbarian at running back! Looking forward to the rematch with those damn Giants . . . !
--Frank "Nitty"

Brad Sham said T.O has lost his game. Older, slower and isnt the "guy" he used to be. Errrrr, Mr. Sham, you're wrong!!! How could you be this close(access wise) to the Cowboys as anyone in media, and screw that statement up. Terrible ANALysis from a journalist who evidently doesn't know much about football. Are you kidding me Brad..I also remember another journalist Tom Osbourne who told me during pre-season that the Boys would be just fine with Brad Johnson. Also said he would be better than anyone the cowboys could bring in. You know, I cannot believe the actually pay these guys for the worst ANALysis..

Yes TO caught 7 passes, but he also dropped 3

the cowboys are luck the 49'er did not score in the red zone in the 1st quarter 14 to 0, then the cowboys offense would have had their backs up against the wall.

as i have said before and i will repeat anthony henry is regressing and needs to be move to safety to lenghten his career.

the offensive line suffered in the running game when kyle kosier left due to a foot injury. kosier is the glue to the cowboys being consistent without him the whole offensive line regresses.

romo's pinkie is still giving him problem in his accuracy, where the ball will float when he release the ball, some of his passes today were ducks.

TO for some reason singletary allowed TO to get a full steam of head off the line of scrimage without pressing him. even when TO was not pressed he still dropped some catchable balls. TO can still run straight, but the quickness is still not there as it was in the pass. once again father time.

the nfl has had a year to study jason garrett's offensive scheme and it's on film, garrett needs to become more creative and innovative in attaking defensives. now that the cowboys do not have that so-called "wow" factor on offense with felix jones out, defenses can not crowd the line of scrimage an put an 8 man in the box, which is difficult for barber. with barber being an north and south runner at times he appears to not have the vision to beat that 8 man in the box causing for no gains at the line of scrimage.

r. william a clone of TO no speed but have size, some quickness, a true possesion receiver. unless miles austin comes back from his knee injury, the cowboys will struggle on offense because they have no player that can spread the field on press coverages.

coach wade phillips let the 49'ers gain life in the 4th quarter. with the score 32 to 9, the cowboys had 4th an inches, instead of going for the kill, phillips tries to punt the ball inside of the 20yd line, insead the punt goes in the end zone for a touchback, 49'ers ball at the twenty led to the first of two 49'ers cheap touchdowns in the 4th quarter, playing prevent defense.

let's see how the cowboys respond when they play another westcoast team with better personnel in the seahawks, who almost beat the redskins on thanksgiving day.

watch out for carlos polk he is a find for the cowboys on special teams, the cowboys are fortunate to pick up such a player, if he continues to go unnotice on special teams he will continue to cause havoc and will probably cause some turnovers for the cowboys as seen today with the block punt. polk is a special teams playmaker.

to make the playoffs the cowboys are going to have to have a "send a message" game to rest of the NFL that the cowboys are not soft and mean business and a team noboby wants to play when the playoff come, if the cowboys qualify.

It's a win. They are not in the Giants ballpark or a few other teams yet. And I agree, where did they get that gig-a-boo dance after a play. Trashy..

The Cowboys won and thats all that matters. However, my question is where did all this showboating and dancing in the open field after a play come from? It seems to have gotten worse in todays game. Are the 'Boys so starved for attention that they must revert to immature, self-grandizing, boorish behavior when they just simply do a job they are well paid for. Those actions make me want to get off the Cowboy bandwagon. Grow up guys.

Boy I have loved the Cowboys since 1960. I started watching them then and have of course never stopped. Just because I love them dosen't mean they have a really good team this year which they don't. The Boy's major problem this year is they don't want to play 60 minute football for some reason. I have watched the NFL for 59 years and when a team does not have the wherewithall to play for sixty minutes or the entire game can only be that it is the coaches fault! This team has the inmates running the asylum and this won't work. The Giants play the full game and the Cowboys don't, that is the problem this year.Sorry Boy's you ain't got that old win at no cost mentality this year.

TO did good
someone still needs to put a size 12 in flozell adams a$$
his penalties are a joke

If whining makes T.O. play better, so be it. Frankly, the "system" didn't change this game. The only thing that changed was that the 49ers opted not to use press coverage on T.O., and a better effort from the player.

TO was right. He is one of the best and you better use him or lose!

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