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December 29, 2008

Cowboys' frustration spills over to flight home

The frustration of the Cowboys' disaster 44-6 loss spilled over to the team's late-night flight home Sunday night from Philly to Dallas. Things got downright chippy.

Fullback Deon Anderson and left tackle Flozell Adams got into a fight on the plane. Not sure it's wise to mess with Flo, because he always seems on edge. Wonder if they were discussing coverage breakdowns and who let Tony Romo's ribs get mangled in the fourth quarter. Some of that fight could have been used picking up the Eagles pressure.

Also, nose tackle Tank Johnson and center Andre Gurode exchanged words.

Gurode was not the only one Tank got into it with. He was out of control on the sidelines late in the game yelling at anyone in his path and was trying to be calmed down. At one point, he even yelled at the punt coverage team as they came off the field. And after the game, word is Tank was bragging about the fact he is now a free agent. You think some of his teammates aren't happy about that too?

- Rick Herrin


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maybe tank was pissed off by the way he was handled by coach cupcake's coaching staff and how pathetic the cowboys was playing againist the iggles. you media guys always take things out of context. it seems the media wants robots to play the game of football, whenever you have human beings playing you' re never have the perfect team.

I hate what the cryboys, have become. The cowboys need a leader, not a Jessica Simpson lover. They need T.O. just to shut up or leave the team. The latter would be best. I would rather watch the cowboys with rookie talent than the current cryboys. The boys need a GM that will work, not try and buy the Super Bowl. It is time to get rid of the so call coach, QB, and T.O.. Even if that means we lose all next years games. At least we can develop a heart to win, instead of planning an early vacation with J.S....

Thank God Tank didn't have of his guns on him. Nothing but class in that Dallas locker room.

Don't give anybody a reason to talk bad about the Cowboys. Next year they need to improve in special teams and decrease the penalties that seem to always kill them. Tony needs protection from the front line, if the guys don't want to do there job let them go. Any player can be replaced!! Whatever it takes to get Jimmy Johnson back as headcoach, you will see a superbowl in Dallas. Eli Reyes (not Eli Manning)

Tank, while has managed to keep nose clean, is pissed because Ratliff beat him out, and is flat out a more productive NT. I like him in rotation, but not if he cannot keep his mouth shut. No great loss if he bails.

Wade, whilst a marshmellow, is NOT helped by Jed Jones coming down onto sidelines while games are still undecided. He will walk around talking to players, effectively making HIM the HC. Can it Jed. Come down after the game is decided.

The cowboy's are a JOKE!!!

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