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December 30, 2008

Cris Carter shoots his mouth off

What exactly is wrong with ESPN analyst Cris Carter? It's one thing to criticize Terrell Owens -- just about everybody does -- but he needs to tap the brakes on the way he expresses it. Read this post from ProFootballTalk.com.


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Jerry and Wade are pussy cats. Just look at Miami Dophins, Tuna got rid off Taylor (distraction) and the team won the division and made the playoff.

Jerry and Wade ruined the season by backing up TO, to the detrement of the team, the fans and other coaches. the ball is to be spread around. Total completed passes and yards after catch is what counts no matter howmany reveivers are involved. These guys got under Romo's and Garett's skin to get the ball to not sure handed TO.
Please guys Leave the offensive coaches and the QB alone in making the right decisions and do not be afraid of TO or what he might say. Learn from the Giants and how they dealt with Plaxico, Oh and by the way, they are the number one seed in NFC. Wonder why? Beacause they play as a team and not individules

TO has some good points. He has largely
keep his mouth shut during the season but
not enough. He is a cancer often creating
any scene he can behind the scene. In
reality he is creating decention behind
the scene. Yhus he needs to go. The scene needs to change. I have seen enough. I have seen enough of his scene.
Good bye TO.

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