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December 30, 2008

Eli Manning pokes fun at Romo

Kick him while he's down Eli. That little trip to Cabo last year before the playoffs with Jessica Simpson may have shelf life for years as a running punchline. Tony Romo now has plenty of time off for such getaways and how long until we see Romo and his little hat on TMZ?

- Rick Herrin


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Romo needs to get rid of the dopey schoolgirl and get himself a mature love. Romo needs to reexamine Big Bill's 11 commandments, stare into the mirror and ask what he wants to become. Romo must choose between class football player or class clown. Stop wearing that goofy cap and quit saying that the game is "fun." Finally, get a coordinator who knows what he is doing.

Act like a joke often enough and people will start calling you a Joker.

Pretty plain and simple.

As jabs go, that one is pretty tame.

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