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December 31, 2008

Garrett lost his luster in Dallas

Jasongarrett Looks like one season of an offensive dropoff and Jason Garrett has lost his boy wonder status in Dallas. Fans have turned on him after seeing his scheme going from record-setting to puzzling in one year. And his own stars Tony Romo and Terrell Owens even pointed fingers at him after the Philly loss.

It's just all going downhill for Garrett and maybe that Detroit gig is starting to look more appealing. And now this. ... Firejasongarrett.com. Ouch.

- Rick Herrin 


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We see now how overrated J Garrett was/is, and how underrated Tony Sporano was. We all can see who deserves credit for the 13-3 record a year ago. I would think it would be the same guy who turned a 1-15 team into a 11-5 team.

Take my offensive coordinator, PLEASE!

Offensive line was real bad, remember at the end of Aikman's ear, he was being sacked all the time? Who was the line's coach? Yep Hudson. At the same time our secondary sucked, who was the secondary coach/ yep, Dave Campo. Offencive and defensive calls are good, only if the assistant coaches can implement them. Get those coaches out, get a new linebackers coach since they were mostly out of place and over shooting. get a new QB coach, trust me, look what happened to the Bear's QB once they shipped their QB coach to us and got a new one. Then you can ask for Jason to be fired. The coaching is a team (coaches) effort. If you want to correct the system, then change all bad apples not one.

Bring back Norv Turner. When Jimmy and Norv were here in the 90s, we had a real system. Or maybe Mike Leach at Texas Tech could help out, but Romo has to be willing to throw to multiple targets.

wayne huizenga is laughing all the way to the bank on how he got over on jerry (garrett's lack of play-calling experience), ray lewis and deshown townsend let the cat out of the bag; deion sanders was saying after the bengals game that the offensive was vanilla; TO called the RGH on the carpet; but it wasn't until romo made the obvious regarding the RGH that the media finally had no choice but to take the story and run with. the media in dallas gave the RGH a pass, but when it came to defensive coordinator brain stewart, it was off with his head, sounds like a double standard and i guarantee the players on the team witness that situation as well which leads to players wondering who is in charge cupcake or the media.

The facts are these. Dallas has the most INEXPERIENCED co-ordinators in the league. A cursory look at Lindy's Pro Football magazine indicates that the combined NFL years for both Jason Garrett and Brian Stewart are a mere 11 years. Moreover, most of these years would have been in positions below that of a co-ordinator. This means that, several gutless players aside, the root of the team's structural problems lies with the coaching staff. They really do not know what they are doing in most games and only when Romo can have a big game is their ineptness camouflaged. Therefore, the only way forward is to appoint a knowledgeable coach such as BILL COWHER and let him appoint a staff with more experience.

The main reason why I think he should go, was, going with Brad Johnson at back-up qb, That decision alone cost the cowboys a playoff spot. He looked horrible in all preseason games, not to mention regular seasons. We all knew... we were in trouble, if Romo go hurt.

Romo need competition, like Steve Buerlein pushed Troy Aikman. Steve took what the media called the worst O-line and receivers in the league to the best in NFL. Troy stunked it up, it was Buerlein who showed Troy that he was the problem.

Hey Garrett=--

You did a hell of a job integrating Roy
Williams into the system, didn't you.
You certainly lost my respect. Can you
get lost please?

NOt suprising considering how many fans, and uh "reporters" show a complete lack of understanding when it comes to football...

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