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December 30, 2008

Jerry a candidate for change, too

"I am changing and I can change," Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones told Norm Hitzges today on Jones' final radio show of the season on The Ticket, KTCK/1310 AM.

Norm's last question of the 25-minute interview was whether Jerry had to be tougher, did he have to change, too, in how he did things. Jerry's answer was, "The answer is yes, absolutely."

Listen to the interview via dallascowboys.com.


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dear jerry i am a big cowboy fan from pittsburgh but its hard for me to say BILL COWER IS THE GUY u need.you to reup your offiance line get rid of roy williams what has he done in 3 years romo hes a good qb but he needs protection nomore 2 tighend set use a fullback i like adams but he cost us way too much in penlites theres alot better out the the cowboys has talent but no coaching thank you billy davenport

Ex-Cowboy Fan, tell us how you really feel. When you're ready to come back off the ledge, I'm sure you'll let us all know. I wish JJ would back off, but he's hard-headed! He has to learn everything the hard way. Unfortunately, he didn't say what we all wanted to hear- "I'm letting my son take over. Or I'm bringing in a general manager."
He's always doing something ass backwards like discussing hiring Mike Shanahan and demoting WP to Defensive Coordinator. His statement about chemistry being irrelevant was one of the dumbest things I've heard in years. Once again, he learns the hard way. You don't need a team full of superstars to win. Star players are okay, but you need role players. I hope he doesn't go in the opposite direction- sign only role players.
I've considered finding a new team myself. However, I feel that I wouldn't be able to come back when they do win again. Because, believe me they will win again. And no one likes a bandwagon fan.

What a cast of charcters these team has assembled! Let's begin with coach cupcake, have you ever seen such a clueless individual? Nothing of course but a hand puppet for our head up his ass owner Jerry Jones. That's right Jerry, let's let's put the real blame on the real problem... it's YOU! YOU have assmbled this quack of a team that has almost but mortgaged the future. Let's be honest here Jerry, coach cupcake is simply holding down a posisition on your payroll that quite simply let's YOU pull any strings you wish! This team needs a smart coach with control of everything including player and coaching personel. I don't think you would be able to sleep on your pillow of millions if you let something like that happen. What else? Okay let's skip to Tony Romo...He was a breath of fresh air. IN THE BEGINING! Now, he's less than an average quarterback of which whom EVERY team has discovered his weekness....THE ABILITY to make decisions under pressure and keep from turning over the football. Tony needs to get a job with Triple A and stick to helping elderly folks with flat tires. Your entire coaching staff sucks. This is so evident now that Miami has our who should have been next head coach, his abscence really shows the leaks and uncertainty your current staff has. Jason Garrett? I honestly think he just doesn't want to be here under YOUR wrath. I honestly think he WANTS you to let him go, I think he threw in the towel begging you to get rid of him. He will go elsewhere and pummel you in future games with another team...But...you know what he will have Jerry? YOUR MONEY Ha! Jerry, poor Jerry....What a fool you have become with your money...Paying Thugs to play football trading away first round draft picks for nobody! The Lions SO LOVE YOU Jerry...I hope they kick in the Cowboy's teeth next time they play. The list goes on and on Jerry...If I were you and I knew you were deep down passionate about another ring, I would swallow my pride,stay out of sight, and hire the RIGHT Man for the job...Don't be an idiot...remember, things CAN actually get worse Jerry. JIMMY JOHNSON can SAVE YOU....BILL COWHER can SAVE YOU...Can you SAVE YOURSELF JERRY ?? It's going to be a damned shame going into your next JERRY'S WORLD STADIUM with all of this shameful baggage to talk about going into next season...what a shame. I just hope you can sell enough tickets to keep'em coming Jerry. It is unbelievable to me just how many Cowboy Fans are quickly becoming Ex- Cowboy Fans Jerry. AND don't give me the Bullshit that we are not REAL Die Hard Fans Jerry. We are ( WERE ) The paying fans are just sick and tired of the same ol' shit. I am joining a fast and growing legion of fans who have decided to not buy anymore Cowboy related merchandise...and I have spent a ton of money Jerry...I bet I have just as a big a shrine as you have! We all think you need to feel it in the pocket book. Don't believe me JJ ? YOU watch and see what teams will leapfrog in front of Cowboy's merchandise this year alone. I can't tell you enough that we are sick of you and the way you run this team. I will return as a Cowboy Fan someday. It will be when you hand the reigns over to someone else or show some Brain Power and let someone else clean up your mess!!! Jimmy Johnson, you have my vote.... Bill Cowher, you have my vote... BUT don't count it for sure Jerry Jones is a very proud man...Pride infact that his fans are paying for... I'm Out.

I give up on the Cowboy's, I will watch the Houston Texans instead,Hell, they stand a better chance to go the Bowl than Dallas does anyway! Andre Johnson is the most talented UNDERATED Wide Out in football. Hey T.O. did you read that part? Jerry Jones has lost my money on Cowboy merchandise...As a Cowboy fan, I'm getting tired of hearing it from the haters because for once they are right! We do have an idiot for an owner who is only out to make sure everyone KNOWS he's an idiot! How many owners do you see in every game out on the sideline parading themselves trying to be on every highlite roll? PATHETIC! Stay in your luxury box JJ....People are seriously making a mockery out of you, including me! Jerry Jones will NEVER give a shit about this team again, he has money to recover and he is about to put it to us fans to recover it! NOT from me! Bii Cowher will go elsewhere...Jimmy Johnson would not even be considered because Jones does not want wisdom to overshadow ignorance. Good Luck in your new stadium Jones...Good Luck to the Cowboy's in the future. I will only watch again when MAJOR changes are made...until then, I can't stand to see this fool keep crumbling this once PROUD ORGANIZATION to the GROUND !!!!!!!! GO HOUSTON TEXANS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have resigned myself to watching the Cowboys turn into the sequel of the Oakland Raider and Al Davis.

Until Jerry decides he needs a real GM, the only "change" we'll see at Vally Ranch is superficial window-dressing.

Dallas Cowboy Books Blog

jerry at his best as p.t bartum, trying to sell the sheep (fans) wolf tickets, to fill up the AT&T's Jerry World next season, well i truly beleive the fans are no longer sheep and are tired of jerry bull&%$# on dishing out hard-earned money to see the mediocracy on the field since the last superbowl in 1996 (superbowl 30), which makes that 13 years (superbowl 43 will be played next month). jerry is trying his best to persuade public opinion on himself and coach cupcake that they are changing their spots. if it walks like a duck, quack like a duck, then it still a duck. the more things change the more things remain the same. the only way to jerry back to reality is to boycott everything cowboys!!! until jerry finally get the message that he can no longer take the sheep (cowboy fans) fro granted and think the he can continue to feed us this garbage called cowboys football, it will not work this time jerry, us cowboy fans are going to hit where it hurts, the wallet, with economic times being as hard as ever and jerry wants to continue to feed us this bull%$#&. the honeymoon is over jerry, the AT&T's Jerry World will be a hard sell in the fall, because cowboy fans are ready to send jerry a message, boycott!! boycott!!

JJ---I'll be nice to you in this post.
(-%&$@_0!3$%+_)((*$%#^%*&& !@#$%^&*)
G E T I T ! ! you dumb )^&$@)>"

How can a self-made billionaire be so stupid? All Jerry has to do is look at what works: Belichick and the Patriots, Jimmy Johnson and the Cowboys, Chuck Noll and the Steelers, Bill Walsh and the 49ers. That's it - that's the list. Then do what they did. But no, he thinks he knows more about football than they do. Duh! Guess he's more interested in proving what a football "genius" he is than in winning games.

Jerry Jones "change?"

You mean...like a wino changes from Mad Dog to T'bird?

I think the results would be quite the same.

You Idiot Jones!!! Do you realise that BIL COWHER is out there and available?? Hire a high level coach like Cowher, give him want he wants (stuff your poor "ego" or"pride) let him make some key roster changes and bring in some real football assistants, then sit back and watch the WINS pile up. Isn't this what it is all about, you GREAT GOOSE!!! You will have a proper football team with a person who understands fully what he is doing. Jones, neither you nor Fatso can "change' nor introduce effective changes. Fatso should have had the decency to resign following the debacle against Philadelphia.

Vote here on who will win this weekend.

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