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December 30, 2008

Jerry Is Buying

One day after Cowboys coach Wade Phillips pledge to make some serious changes, count his boss in as a believer.

"I believe Wade Phillips can change," Jerry Jones told Sports Radio 1310 The Ticket on Tuesday. "Yes, I think he can change."
Needless to say, not a lot of people are believers the way Jones is.
Are you? 

- Mac Engel


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As long as there is heart there is hope, there is happiness there

I hope you all have a blessed day

The house of cards is collapsing....

Forget the hype.... Jerry has done a great job as owner/gm. Dallas was a very talented team and has some players who will make a impact on the field. He try to upgrade everywhere, except, at quarterback.

He would have upgraded there, but, the best qbs in the free-agent market were Black. He doesn't have problem with Black qbs,but, people in DFW area do.... They rather lose White, than win with a Black qb...

Did you noticed... the Media was very quiet about having no legitmate back-up qb. Plus, both Brad Johnson & Brook Bolinger couldn't make a lot of High School football teams.

he can not change after two years with the same players. they will not take him serious. The only way Mr. Jones can turn things around is to hire a tough GM with full power. Jerry would have fired his GM a few times since the last play off win. How long has it been? 12 years, no results same GM.

enough of jerry's bull%$#&, it's time to hit jerry where it hurts, boycott everything cowboys!!!

Wade Phillips to chage Cowboy culture?
I seriously doubt it. Please don't
continue to bullshit us.

He got to be a billionaire how again exactly? Stephen needs to have him committed.

He also said something about Jason Garrett not needing to change... Come on...


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