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December 26, 2008

Jerry: Wade and Co. coming back regardless of Sunday's outcome

He said it again on Friday during practice. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is bringing back Wade Phillips and his staff next season regardless of what happens Sunday in Philadelphia. Don't expect any big changes if the Cowboys lose to the Eagles. You really believe that?

"I have said that our coaching staff, as far as I'm concerned, is in place," Jerry said. "When I look at where we are coaching staff wise and personnel wise, I see a team that's in place to compete for several years. I would like to go into that new stadium with a Super Bowl win."

Jerry even got a little testy with the line of questions about Wade Phillips' future with the team. He also wanted to move on to another topic.

- Rick Herrin


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After today, one would like to think that Jerry will change his mind.

The Boys have been utterly, embarrassingly awful today.

Jones is alomost senile and needs to be overthrown. For those diehard Dallas fans who have been watching this football team with growing anger and frustration, you all need to BOYCOTT the Jones family and his toyboy fraud of a football team. If Sniffling Fatso and Red Haired Schoolboy run the show again, this team will end up 6-10 or 5-11. It will be a joke, precisely because these two are way out of their depth and do not understand how to use players efficiently or how to game plan for opponents. Fatso has no idea what to do as a Head Coach. He is a mediocre, undisciplined Slob. If that is what you Dallas fans accept, then do nothing. If you know what this team could be with a coach like Bill Billichek running it (they'd be at least 12-4, even with the injuries) then DO SOMETHING!!!!

that just gives the RHG another year to get his act together under his internship, so that the RHG can be the next head coach by 2010. jerry doen't want to admit that he made a mistake by hiring the RHG (whom by the way had no playcalling experience), therefore cowboy fans will continue to suffer as the offense struggles. stewart gets blasted for his playcalling and is quietly pushed in the background and coach cupcake takes over the playcalling duties after the rams game. the RHG offense has been struggling everysince the first deadskins game (no felix jones), but there is no call for ray sherman to take over the playcalling (sherman has experience), wonder why?

Mike Holmgren is taking off, anyway, and won't be considering another coaching job until the 2010 season, so...

It'll all workout.

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