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December 28, 2008

Live: Cowboys vs. Eagles

We have arrived here at Lincoln Financial Field where the Cowboys season will live on or die this afternoon.

* TE Jason Witten is on the field testing out his sprained right ankle. Wade Phillips has sounded this week as if Witten could be pretty limited in what he can do.

* Weather is great for Philly in late December. 66 degrees but there is a 23 mph wind.

* The Oakland-Tampa Bay game is on the big screens here at the Linc. Thought Andy Reid didn't want his team knowing their status?

- Rick Herrin


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IT is actually pretty funny, the way they have imploded after Bill Parcells left. And to think, jerry had the Miami Dolphins coach in-house. Until he let him go and could have cared less about it because jerry does not know crap about personel. What a real and total loser jerky is.

We need to fire the owner, general manager and then the coach and next AUGUST IF you write one article about the Cowboys going to the Super Bowl then you need to be fired too. I'm sick of Cowboy mania when they can't even get out of December.

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