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December 30, 2008

Looking at the free agents

Here's the list of the Cowboys free agents. Who do you think they want to bring back or have no interest in re-signing? Zach Thomas doesn't seem like he wants to be back and that could make things interesting for Kevin Burnett. He wants to be a starter and could take Thomas' spot and finally get his shot in Dallas. Or will he try to test the market for bigger bucks?

Tank Johnson likely won't be re-signed but the Cowboys will probably want to keep Keith Davis. His toughness and leadership are needed on this team.


G Joe Berger

LB Kevin Burnett

QB Brooks Bollinger

DE Chris Canty

S Keith Davis

NT Tank Johnson

LB Carlos Polk

LB Zach Thomas


WR Miles Austin

DE Stephen Bowen

TE Tony Curtis

WR Sam Hurd

G Cory Procter


RB Alonzo Coleman

TE Rodney Hannah

P Sam Paulescu

- Rick Herrin


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The only free agent I think the Cowboys should resign is maybe Kevin Burnett. Definitely resign the restricted free agent Miles Austin. The rest is just taking up roster spots with the exception to Sam Hurd.

I wouldn't mind seeing Ray Lewis in a Cowboys uniform. They could use his leadership. If these knuckle heads don't listen to him, they are a bunch of moronic jerkoffs!!

Signed Burnett,Polk, Davis, and Canty... Ray Lewis and Bradie James would be a nice combination... Miles Austin is destined to be great.

PS, I hope Matt McBriar is okay, Dallas really missed him. That other guy kicked like a girl.

move pacman to strong safety, he can tackle and would be effecting in the passing game.

unrestricted free agents: keep burnett if price reasonable, let the rest go.

restrict free agents: let them all go.

exclusive free agents: let them all go.

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