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December 29, 2008

Monday aftermath: Wade has a plan

Wade Phillips just held his final press conference of the season following the aftermath of missing the playoffs.

The news: Wade is devising a plan to fix this team. If he needs to more demanding, he will. He will evaluate all the coaches and players and analyze how this team operates. From meetings to practice to training camp.

Seems as though this team took advantage of old Wade. He handed out a lot of fines this season for players being late to meetings.

- Rick Herrin


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Dallas fans need to take matters into their own hands. Don't sit back and let the Patriarchal/Oiligarch maniac Jones fudge over the root problems. Do not accept the status quo in coaching and player personnel. Grass root cowards like Eldorado Owens ( can you catch a football??), Marcus Spears, Bobby Carpenter, Ken Hamlin, and othersb of their ilk must be terminated. Demand the club appoint either Bill Cowher with full personnel and coaching control or the aggressive co-ordinator Steve Spagunolo who knows the division back to front. Do not accept the COSMETIC CHANGES that Sniffling Fatso and the Oiligarch are about to serve you with. Sniffling Fatso is hopeless a slobb with no analytical prowess or ability to motivate football players. He is an ageing SLOBB with minimal intelligence who has never even won a damn playoff game!!! If you love your team then organise a series of NOISY PROTESTS, list your COLLECTIVE DEMANDS and threaten to BOYCOTT the new stadium and the Oligarch's ticket sales. See if LainBrain Fatso is still there then!!!!

I've been a Cowboys fan since 1972. I've seen some pretty poor versions over the years but this is the worst. Why? Even the 1-15 and 5-11 teams had heart. You could always tell they were trying. I wish I could go down to Valley Ranch and picket with that guy. For the first time in my life, I'm embarrassed to call my self a Cowboys fan. This team is turning into another version of the Raiders because Jerry Jones is turning into another version of Al Davis. Both of them are delusional rich old men who have lost touch with the reality of the NFL as it is today. They surround themselves with toady yes men like Phillips and consistently field mediocre teams. And they both will continue to do so until they give up the control they crave so much. I'm done with this. I'm never going to root for a team like I rooted for my beloved Cowboys but I'm not going to buy any more merchandise or the NFL Sunday Ticket or attend any games until Jerry Jones gets over himself and gives the reins to somebody who has a clue how to win. The only way to get through to him is to hit him in the pocketbook. Forcing Wade Philips on us is taking our loyalty for granted and playing us for a bunch of fools.

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