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December 25, 2008

Romo feeling like $100

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo returned to Valley Ranch on Christmas Day a lot better after battling an illness on Wednesday.

Romo is expected to practice later this afternoon after missing Wednesday's workout. Romo walked through the halls to his quarterbacks meeting carrying a Gatorade (might be having dehydration issues) and was asked if he was feeling better.

"Oh yeah," Romo said. "I feel like 100 dollars."

Romo was battling flu-like symptoms and was sent home by the team with medicine on Thursday.

UPDATE: Romo had full participation in practice.

- Rick Herrin


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Based on his contract, $100 dollars is not feeling good. I would feel better if he said he felt like a million bucks. The Cowboys will only go as far as Romo and the O-Line will carry them.

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