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December 30, 2008

Somebody still loves Romo

Jessica Simpson, Tony Romo's girlfriend,"rushed to his side as soon as she found out that Tony got hurt," a source told People magazine (www.people.com) after reports surfaced that Romo had collapsed in the shower of the team's locker room after the game Sunday. Romo was feeling the effects of torn rib cartilage.

“She got on a red eye flight right when she found out, and arrived at 5 a.m. [that] morning," the source added.

And Cowboys reserve linebacker and Romo good buddy Bobby Carpenter, interviewed on ESPN's Outside the Lines today, said that Romo is a "Zen master, like Phil Jackson," in the way he handles the situation amid reports of discord between the quarterback and his receivers.

Carpenter also disputed the notion that the team chemistry is bad, saying he believes the Cowboys have one of the "tightest" locker rooms in the NFL compared with what he has heard of other clubs.


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Cowboys fans need to treat Romo like a first round draft pick that we're developing. Romo has barely played two full seasons. I know the fans are looking at the six years in the league. However, there's a big difference between playing and watching from the sidelines.
And to the morons who compare him to Aikman, what are you thinking? When Aikman was Romo's age, he had played in 70+ games. It took Eli Manning four years to win his first Super Bowl title. Romo has only been our starting QB for two seasons now.
I would give Romo another season or two before I throw in the towel. Besides, who would the Cowboys get to replace him? If you think he's so bad, what makes you think the other 31 teams don't agree?

Tony Romo is a great qb, but, he needs to make better decisions/take care of the football.

Good competition would help...You can't tell me: Cleo Lemons, Duante Culpepper, Leftwich, and Quinn Gray wasn't universes better than Brad Johnson and Brook Bolinger.

Tony Romo should not be dumped just yet. We all need to back off Romo a little and not death ride him just yet. Why do we need to take this position? Because of one thing: poor coaching. We all know that the entire coaching staff were out of their depth. Jason Garrett and Brian Stewart have a mere 11 combined years in the NFL, the lowest total of any team in the league. Romo also greatly missed close friend and QB coach David Lee as well as Tony Sparano. Both of these guys can coach because they got 11 wins and a division title out of recuycled Chad Pennington. Without the schooling of Lee and discipline of Sparano, Romo simply reverted back to his past as a careless QB prone to making regular turnovers but a guy that can also make big plays. Chaotic play calling (e.g erratic running game) and poor OL play exacerbated these problems. Therefore, to prevent Romo and the team from further deteriorating (a real threat if the same coaching staff is retained), Dallas needs to appoint a new, more experienced COACHING STAFF, including a good QB coach and line coach. Hudson Houck may be past it. Why on earth has GM Jones ignored the possibilty of hiring BILL COWHER, a professional coach with a high winning strike rate and a coach who is known to motivate players and outcoach opponents??

romo has become what parcells depised a "celebrity" quarterback, instead of being the ultimate bus driver. parcell warned everybody to put the 'ANOINTING
OIL' away. now the proof is in the pudding. i doubt if romo brings home the elusive superbowl trophy to big d in 2010.

Get a good and legitimate qb, regardless of color...to heck with the rednecks...were trying to win football games, instead of, satisfying racial bigotry.

Hey Romo---
Regarding JS, you have to ask yourself:
Is it hollywood or football next season?
Make up your mind you $67 million QB.
Take your trip to Cancun, Cabo or where-ever and then find your way to lift yourself from the mediocre QB you've
become to the QB you were several years
ago who can go into that new $ billion
stadium and make us proud next season.
Romo---make up your mind. Do the right
thing. (JS or football?) Happy New Year.

Bobby Carpenter has slightly less credibility than Wade if that is mathematically possible. What a disaster.

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