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December 15, 2008

Who is Going To Throw a Shoe At Wade?

Watching the "highlights" of the press conference where President George W. Bush had to dodge a shoe from a reporter makes me wonder what would reporters throw at Wade Phillips during a press conference.

Any suggestions?

- Mac Engel


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Ah bon. J'espère que cela aidera. Je vais vous lire un peu plus et avoir une certaine p plus le commentaire de Rachi, espérons ce soir. Je ne peux pas chose Dr. Hamblin à travailler passé les 10 premières secondes. J'espère que je ne suis pas manque beaucoup.

I can accept failure, but I can't accept give up.

Life is a struggle, accept it.

i love you post

How about throwing Wade and this joke of an owner out of town?

Red Flag...to challenge him to actually field a prepared team come the first play-off game ( yes, they will make the play-offs! ). The last several games have shown something, now it's time to "run the table". Start with making Cabo off limits until after Super Sunday.

The shoe should be aimed at Jerry, not the figurehead coach. Galloway should do the honors.

How about Jerry. Yeah! Lets throw Jerry at him.

How about Wade gets to do the throwing, with the angry old men (i.e. the Star-Telegram's geriatric columnists) and Little Ms. Sunshine (JE) as the targets?

Phillips, unlike Bush, is not responsible for the murders of tens if not hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians --- and the dispossession and refugee status of millions more --- as a result of an unconstitutional and internationally-illegal act of aggression: the invasion, carpet-bombing, occupation, and colonization of Iraq. (I don't agree with throwing anything at anyone who didn't personally attack me; but let's not imply such embarrassingly fallacious comparisons as the one between Phillips and Bush.)

If anything, throw Phillips a bone (not literally); after all, he was hired fair-and-square.

Flaming Poo

Bill's shoes - then we can find out how many sizes too big they are

Cupcakes sounds good. Not sure if Wade can dodge them as good as Bush did...


I'd throw him some personality...
that or i'd just throw him back...

Cupcakes, of course...

You should get Herrin to throw his recorder at him.

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