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December 28, 2008

Your Turn: Thoughts on the Cowboys' loss to the Eagles

OK, Cowboys fans.

Let 'er rip. Give us your thoughts on the end of the season in the comments below.


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Biggest Boys mistake ever? A 38 point loss? No. A last minute interception? No. Buying a guy from a team that went 0-16? Not even that.

Our biggest screw up was when we spiked Parcells. If he was still with us, Williams and Pacman would be gone so fast, their heads would be spinning. Romo would've been hit so hard that he would never smile again, and Jason Garret would be balled up in a corner crying.

Leadership is passed on from coach, to QB, to the team. With a coac like Phillips, it's no surprise that Romo is the little girl that he is. I truely feel sorry for the rest of the Cowboys, because until pur staff changes, they are just a collection of talented individuals with no way to stick together.

Still... I think this game was a good thing. Sure we lost horribly, but at least NOW I hope that Mr. Jones will stop drooling over his money and actually change his staff with people who actuallt know how to coach. My final thought? A Divisional Title in two years.

I am a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan, however, I am truly embarrassed by the lack of leadership and professionalism demonstrated by the entire team except Witten and Z. Thomas to name a couple. They were both out there playing with pride. I dont thing the other players have any. They are just content to collect their multi million dollar salaries and go home early.
Romo needs to understand the meaning of the game - it is intense. He needs to grow up and become a leader.
Many of these players need to go.
Mr. Jones, most very wise men hire other wise men to do a job and allow them to do that job. You hire men and do not seem confident enough in your decisions to allow them to do the job they were hired to do. Please think long and hard about that one. It makes your decisions appear all the more foolish and give the impression you don't even trust yourself to make a good decision.

I am at loss as to how a franchise with such a rich history has been reduced to finger pointing and playing the blame game. Each player needs to take a long look into his own heart and ask if he is in the game for the right reason and if not, be man enough to admit it and not cost his team mates another season.

God's Grace: Our local FOX affiliate's digital transponder was our for the entire morning and afternoon during the Dallas Debaucle. I went and purchased rabbit ears but we get no analog signal where we live... praise God! I listened to the game on the Ticket, felt like a little 8 year old boy again listening to the game with Don Meredith at QB. But God's grace was present in not letting my mind be contaminated with Jones' Joke

Legal Separation: After 40 years as a Dallas Cowboys fan, I am officially seeking a separation until Jerry Jones is gone as GM (possibly owner), stating irreconcilable differences. His meddling in everyday affairs of the team, bizzare acquisitions, building through free agents, firing successful coaches (Johnson, Switzer, The Tuna, and you can forget the other puppets...). I can no longer handle this... it's too painful, too humiliating to live in another state (New Mexico) and suffer the type of shame associated with being a Dallas Cowboys fan. Jerry is gone or muzzled or I will wait until he rests in the tombs of the kings with Murchison, burning my DC attire, disavowing my 40 year fan marriage, and cheering, maybe even the Redskins. Now that's anger!

Jerry Jones has lived up to my expectations. Ever since he unceremoniously 'fired' Tom Landry I have more or less 'seriously disliked' this idiot! Bring back "America's Team" and let's see if Heaven can send back Coach Landry! We need some serious HELP NOW!

Jerry Jones is the most brilliant/stupid man in America. He somehow managed to not screw it up while St. Jimmy Johnson won him 3 Super Bowls (sorry Barry) then used his marketing skills to elevate this franchise to about the most valuable in the world. And now he's incapable of firing Wade Phillips? Who TF is Wade Phillips? He's a loser can't carry his daddy's jock as a head coach. He must firmly believe that since the players make more than he does, they won't listen to him. He doesn't even try.
Then there is Terrell "The Lesion" Owens. What an assh*le. Is there anything worse than someone who talks trash and can not back it up? Is there anything worse than someone who blames his shortcomings on the very people who are trying to help him succeed?
I remember when Jones bought the team and the 1-15 season. I accepted that as the price of rebuilding. But this current Cowboys team, save a handful of great players, is a putrid reflection of the head coach and owner.

How bout them Cowboys!

I am amazed at all of you so called fans/experts, who are calling for Phillip's head because he is too soft. In 2006 under Parcells (you know that tough coach all you guys admire) the Cowboys lost 3 out of 4 in December. Embarrassing losses to the Saints 42-17, the Eagles 23-7 and a three win Lion team 39-31. The coache's toughness is not the answer. With the exact same talent Phillips took Parcells 9-7 team to 13-3. I suggest you all take a deep breath and relax.

So, Sniffling Fatso has a "plan" eh?? What for Fatso, so that you shed fat and become lean looking?? Why wasn't the "plan" installed during the season?? Coaching is not all that difficult because you have various models and systems to base your own strategies on. Just pick the system that best fits the player personnel at your disposal and then its like The Jimmster says, it comes down to psychology, motivating and organising the football team to execute the system efficiently. What system did the SLOBB and the Red Haired Schoolboy employ?? Can anybody describe the system that they used??? The really sad thing is this: had this team had a professional coach like Bill Billichek (how on earth does that man get to 11-5 with almost two thirds of his team out injured??) we would all be discussing the bye week and who to prepare for in Round Two of the playoffs. If Tom Brady's injury problems continue into next season (his leg surgery has encountered complications due to infections), why don't Dallas make a play for Billichek?? That is a serious professional football coach who wants a team with the players to make a Super Bowl run!!! New England minus Brady won't cut it but Dallas has a team going sideways that is begging for a PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL COACH. Go get one Jones, YOU IDIOT!!!

I have never entered a message to any blog, but I just had to do this after the Eagles loss. There are alot of baby-boomers from states other than Texas that just loved the cowboys when Tom Landry was the coach. We remember when JJ took over the team in the 1980's and did not even think about offering Tom Landry or any other legendary player some honorary position with the cowboys organization (like has happened with other teams) - if you remember, after the first year of JJ control, he even threatened to move the team to Arkansas because of the complaints about his buisness-like, arrogant attitude. I can say first hand, that even though us Missouri folks have two teams that have sucked in the past couple years, we will never-ever like the cowboys as long as Jerry Jones is the owner. He has consisntently voted against any rule that would benefit the NFLPA - along with Al Davis of the Raiders - as long as I can remember. Look at past history - lots of owner votes on NFL issues that went 30-2. JJ does not care about the players themselves, only about making money and maximizing publicity. I would really like to root for the cowboys for a change, especially looking back to the ice-bowl and the Landry years against Lombardi teams, but I am like many other NFL fans - I cannot get past the Jerry Jones attitude and arrogance, even though I like some individual players on the team. Sometimes I think that the addition of controversial players such as T.O. and packman (even though I admit that they do have talent), are just on purpose to put the cowboys in the spotlight. This is the JJ way of doing things, and not in line with the attitude of owners of other teams. You can tell me it isn't so, but I won't believe it.

I loved every minute of it! It's exactly what the 'boys needed, to bring their cocky, arrogant, selfish asses back down to earth. Come on, cowboy fans, where's that "cowboy swagger"? Someday the cowgirls will be back in the playoffs, but I don't give a shit, I'm enjoying this too much, I love to see the cowgirls get humiliated. Hey Romo, what's the matter, are ya gonna cry? Boo hoo, poor, poor, little lost overpaid prima donnas! Thank you, Eagles!

No heart, no passion, no discipline, over paid with lousy work ethics...When they a getting beat, they like to pout, especially Romo, it's all over his face. Romo is very talented, but mentally he will never have it. On a scale for being a hard player, I put him up there with Danny White. On the other hand Witten, and Ware should not be labeled with the rest, because they're warriors... Jerry Jones how are you not embarrassed? You are so disrespected, for all the catering you do for these guy's, and this is what you get in return...Last night they showed their true colors. When they were in the trenches they panicked, had no composure, and no fight. As a former Marine, I'm glad we weren't trained this way...Jerry Jones as a lucrative business man, make the decision and get some discipline back. Get a decisive leader, one who will stand tall, and hold his head up, and not waffle...

start with wade gone totally unprepared no emotion i never was a parcells fan but at least he would get in a players face and show some leadership....call bill cowher we need leadership leadership leadership..............romo ,owens,garret,witten,barber,ware,willams ok with...........goodbye pac.............

Fire Phillips - Hire Cowher - Pick up Graham Harrell in the 3rd round.

we need a real general manager,not an owner who thinks he is one!!!

The cowboys are not bad but they are inconsistent.

Offensive line blocking has been an issue all year. We should of done everything to keep tony sparano and should of got rid of wade last year. A head coach needs to have some kind of authority, even with jerry in the picture. There was no discipline and how in the heck did pacman "earn" playing time?? And jerry allowed him to start right after his suspension, what kind of message does that send to the team?

I have been and always will be a Cowboy fan, but it sure hasn't been the same since Jimmy J, Troy Aikman and Emmit Smith!

WADE NEEDS TO GO!!! He looked a whipped puppy! And while they are at it, get rid of Terrel Owens, all this BS that has been going with him and his big mouth is one of the teams biggest problem! Also, I hate to say this because I really really thought he was what the Cowboy's needed, but Tony Romo does not have a clue on getting his team to play together!

I have been a Cowboy fan for over 30 years and that was the worst display of... football? That I ever had to watch. What's wrong with the Cowboys? Its a long list but I will try, football is a team sport and the concept of "team" means a group of unselfish players giving their all to benefit the Team. However what you all have in Dallas is a group of selfish individuals concerned about individual stats and pay. There was no sign of a team dressed in silver and blue on Sunday the only Team to take the field was the Phildelphia Eagles. Getting rid of T.O. Pacman and Wade Phillips would be a good start. Oh and Mr. Jerry Jones, hire a general manager and stay out of the day to day personnel decisions. All the pieces are not in place and your football team is in shambles.

Wade, Garret, T.O., Romo, Flozell, and PacMan all need to go. It's time to rebuild and quit trying to put fertilizer on cr@p.

looking at the prices of your seats for the new stadium, Detroit offers a much better price for a similar product....

How we in Pittsburgh are enjoying this....

If you're in denial, you can't fix what's broken, and the Cowboys and their organization are clearly in denial and fully spent. When Romo defied Phillips and went for the 1st down on 3rd and short instead of going for a field goal, the leadership problem within the Dallas Cowboys organization became crystal clear to me and I assume to everyone else who was viewing: Wade Phillips is not in control of his team, as revealed by his renegrade QB. Period. That really is not the players', other coaches', or the fans' problems. That's the GM's and owner's problem to address with their head coach. If memory serves, Jimmy Johnson secured 3 Super Bowls for Dallas in the 90's (Sorry, Switzer, you just kept Johnson's already done deal on warm in his absence.). Johnson would've had a 4th too had Troy not had a freakish off playoff day in SF. Johnson didn't accept "sloppy" from his team or himself, because he knows from his experience as a head coach that when you do that you end up with what happened to the Cowboys in 2008. I suspect the Cowboys will not add a 6th Super Bowl until Jones hires and fires GMs who hire and fire coaches based on those coaches' abilities to deliver victories through the performance of players who execute the plays everyone's practiced to perfection in camps and between games during the season.

You had to see this coming, everything ever associated with Jessica Simpson turns to feces, so goes the Cowboys. Seriously though, Romo was great when there were no distractions, now he has them and it's choke city. Can we bring back Jimmy Johnson to put some heart and soul into this conglomeration of egotistical stars?

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