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January 26, 2009

Bradie James questions Stewart firing

Cowboys linebacker Bradie James had a lengthy interview on the The Ticket this morning with Norm Hitzges about what went wrong this season.

One thing James doesn't sound happy with was the recent firing of defensive coordinator Brian Stewart, who was forced out after two seasons.

"The defensive coordinator wasn't the problem," James said. "What did we really solve by letting him go? The situation is still the same. I think there are other moves that need to be made but it's not about me, I'm a player so I can't make those decisions. I've just got to deal with whatever we have, whatever we put out there."

James is right. What did this move do? Firing Stewart did not solve any of this team's problems. With Stewart's play-calling duties stripped this season, he was probably better off re-starting somewhere else.

- Rick Herrin


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a lot of editors have started to understand more about alternate options, they will obtained a little cameras, spend some money to hire nearby residents and individuals across the actors within the facilities

DERRICK EDENS....I guess Brian Stewarts emotions on the side-line got his play-calling duties stripped away from him? No...it was his patheitc defensive calls. Notice the improvemnt on Defense when someone else was making the calls? Or did YOU see the games. Stop trying to make it a BLACK & WHITE issue because it's not!!! For the record...I am the former.

So let's have a dozen editorials that bash Brady because he's being divisive like you do every single time T.O. answers a question like this.

i have to agree with vinne jr and derrick edens, why does james need to be quite, when their is a problem that will not go away, if the players see that a double standard exist, they are going to act accordingly. stewart and garrett both did not have playcalling experience when hired by the cowboys in 2007, yet stewart goes and everybody happy, but on the other side of the ball garrett gets called out by players in the nfl, his receiver and quarterback; yet continues on the payroll and everybody has their hand in the sand. the problem on this team is so obvious that people are in denial and want to point the finger at TO simply because he exposed the problem first.

Once again this is the problem...Bradie James needs to be quite. The entire needs a big dose of shut up. They didnt do nearly enough to question anything. James needs to clean up his own mess first. Airing their opinions and ideas is ridiculous for the players on this team. They have not earned the credit with anyone for it not to sound like whining. Be quite until you produce. It just sounds like talk from a bunch watching the Superbowl its a joke.

Some people such as Vinnie (see comments)just don't get it. It's not about who you like as a coach or who you think looks smart. It is about production... Why fire Stewart and keep Garrett ? 1st I do know that the defense was ranked higher in the league than the offense. 2nd is Garrett is the highest paid coordinator in the league. 3rd is Stewart was not solely responsible for the defense so some of blame should be directed at Phillips as well. The bottom line is Stewart is obvioiusly the scape goat. And Vinnie and Wendel must not be watching the games because Stewart showed a lot of emotion and Garrett showed as much emotion as Landry did on the sideline. His firing did not come as surprise for a certain ethic group in society because they know that they have to be "twice as good as Garrett and those that look like him" in order to have any job security. Garrett will get every opportunity to be successful reguardless of what the players or fans say. I wish Stewart the best of luck and I am sure he will find a better opportunity with another organization. He just has to remember to be twice as good as the other coaches to have any job security.

Bradie James.......PUH-LEEZE. You can't cover an aging full-back out of the back field...what gives you the balls to question who gets fired? You are right, Stewarts well-deserved dismissal solves nothing....but YOU must solve your own pass coverage short-comings. You look as lost as Roy Williams (38) out there at times. Get it together.

hi if brain stewart was a joke what about garrett who is even a bigger joke, the offensive was plain vanilla, deion, deshea townsend, ray lewis, TO and even the chosen one romo pointed out the inconsitency of garrett. without sparano, the incompentency of garrett was exposed. both coordinator had no playcalling exeperience, yet garrett gets to stay. if the players can see what is going on, what makes you think the players are going to follow some one who does not have people skills, does not use felix jones, takes almost 4 quarters to figure out the ravens defense and the scheme does not put players in position to be successful, hey romo how about throwing the ball out of bounds sometime instead of looking for witten who is double covered!!

Brian Stewart was a joke. He's just like Coach Cupcake. No emotion at all on the sideline. A defense takes over the attitude of their coach.I watched him stand on the sidelines and never chew a player out. Another thing, he should have taken the "team' stand and let Dallas hire Dom Capers as a defensive assistant last year instead of saying it would bother him if he was on the staff and he would be looking over his shoulder all year. Hey Brian, How's it feel to look over your shoulder now? As far as Bradie James is concerned, How about trying to cover someone on a pass route!!!!!!

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