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January 20, 2009

Catching up with Brian Stewart

Former Cowboys defensive coordinator Brian Stewart, who was fired last week, is in Mobile, Ala. at the Senior Bowl looking for another job opportunity. The week at the Senior Bowl also serves as a job fair for coaches.

Stewart is hoping he can land another defensive coordinator position in the NFL or possibly a secondary coach position. If opportunties in the NFL don't work out, Stewart said he could look to the college level as a defensive coordinator.

Stewart said he has had better days since the firing, but is proud of the work he did in two seasons with the Cowboys despite how things ended.

"I would do it all over again," Stewart said. "I stand by my work."

- Rick Herrin


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Wow I was starting to think that I was the only one who noticed the double standard that exists within the Dallas Cowboys organization and media. Did race raise it ugly head. It's the elephent in the room that many do not want to acknowledge, but I guarantee the players on the team is privately talking about it. They will not say anything publically about it, but God forbid if one of them is released. Then the #@$% will hit the fan. Talk about creating chemistry problems. How about feeling like you are playing for a racist organization that thinks a black man is not smart enough to be a coordinator or head coach for their team. Afterall Brain Stewart was their first black coordinator in their organization history.

once again i do not see a jennifer engles writting or calling the RHG an idiot or a fool. i don't see jennifer writting in defense of brian stewart who gets the pick slip, but jason garrett gets to stay. i don't see jennifer writting about the double standard that exist on the cowboys coaching staff. nope, not one article, jennifer has her hand in the sand, the only one to write about this injustice was jjt at the DMN. jjt is the only one who had to the nerve to call it what it was. but jennifer she says that it's TO not her genius, yet the star-telegram keep on payroll to write this posion. what a joke

T.O must stay. Garrett or Red Haired Goof must be TERMINATED immediately. Lets see Romo, Crayton, Owens,Williams, John Madden, Ed Reed, and Ray Lewis all called him out on his scheme or playcalling abilities!!

how is it that brian stewart gets fired for the lack of playcalling exeperience, not a peep from the media to support him, while jason garrett gets job interviews and also has a lack of playcalling exeperience and the media does not focus on that matter, but yet when TO brings the issue to the spotlights, the witch hunt from the media to run TO out of town is own.

here is hoping stewart the scapegoat on the cowboys coaching staff for his lack of playcalling experience, while another coach is giving a pass by the dallas media regarding his lack of playcalling exeperience; gets another job, good to see atleast stewart has a great attitude regarding the situation, while offensive coordinator teflon has issues with his attitude. double standard it's clear as day, jerry is in denial like the dallas media regarding the problem which is the RHG.

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