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January 23, 2009

Cowboys game broadcasts no longer on The Ticket

KTCK/1310 AM The Ticket and the Dallas Cowboys announced today the end of a three-year partnership to carry the play-by-play broadcasts of Cowboys games.

"This was a successful partnership for Cumulus over the past three seasons, and we look forward to continuing to work with the Cowboys in the future outside of their play by play broadcasts." said The Ticket vice president and marketing manager Dan Bennett in a news release.

Last week The Ticket and the Dallas Stars announced a five-year broadcast agreement that begins with next season.

The Fan 105.3 FM has been speculated to become the new flagship station of the Cowboys.


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How about no Cowboy tickets because they are too expensive?

At least we won't have a TV, so we won't miss the blackouts since the games won't sell out :).

will cowboy fans who live outside of the mextoplex area be able to get radio signal. that would be great, since us cowboys fans who live outside of the metroplex will not be able to afford the cowboys games at their new gig or be able to by the merchandise, because of our home being foreclosed and i just got laied off my job on friday after working for the same company for 20 years just five years short of my retirement. what a bummer, but that's the sign of the times, no job, no home, no career, what's next?

Just contract a station that can be picked up outside the Dallas City limits, okay?

What with the coming blackouts we'll need some decent radio coverage for a change.

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