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January 30, 2009

Cowboys, Lions keeping Thanksgiving tradition...for 2009

   NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell promised that the Cowboys and the Lions will continue their Thanksgiving tradition this season, but he made no promises beyond 2009. In his annual state of the league address Friday, Goodell said alternating the site of the Thanksgiving Day games could be discussed.

   Some owners have complained that by hosting a Thanksgiving game every year, the Cowboys and the Lions have a competitive advantage.
   "I do understand it's a great tradition in Detroit and Dallas," Goodell said.
Goodell was asked about the ice strom in North Texas this week, two years before the Super Bowl arrives. 
   "I did notice that," Goodell said to laughter.
   He added that the league understood the risk in awarding the game to North Texas and is hoping for good weather for Super Bowl XLV.

- Charean Williams


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The Cowboys hosting the late afternoon Thanksgiving Day game is one of the NFL's finest traditions. As Richard said, Tex Schramm and the Cowboys offered to take the game back in 1966 when the rest of the league's marquee teams refused the offer. Replacing Dallas as a host of the Thanksgivind Day game would be a travesty.

Ditch the Lions. they make the day Boring. They come on so early, you cant even eat during the time they are on to waste time. Now moving the boys would be just dumb. I dont like this new commish and Im certain other teams are jealous. Lets jut say if they want to mess around with tradition, then do it all across the board. For instance. Lets get rid of the playoff seeding. Meaning the best 6 teams make it, opposed to 4 divison winners and 2 wild cards. Lets try that on for size. Im quite certain that the Cowboys would make the playoffs almost every year. So if they want to play with "tradition" then do is the whole way!!

the 2 yrs. the cardinals hosted the thanksgiving game instead of the cowboys, tv ratings went to the toilet. that's why the nfl gave the game back to the cowboys because of their national following, now that these new breed owners are coming into the nfl are jealous with envy how jerry is cleanning up. i thought the 3 game was the game that was supposed to be rotated amoung the teams who wanted to partcipate on playing on Turkey day. Turkey day without the cowboys is like having the turkey without the dressing.

The Rams, Packers, Giants, the Old Browns, the Bears, etc .... didn't want the game when Dallas offered to take it. The main competitive advantage the Cowboys had many of those years was the fact they were a better team.

The Cowboys haven't won a playoff game in 12 seasons. The Lions haven't won a playoff game in 17 seasons. That's some "competitive advantage."

Nothing says Thanksgiving like Chargers-Cardinals!

If Dallas' annual Thanksgiven game is delegated to another team, it will be the league's loss, rather than the Cows. The other teams natually resent the Dallas team in most matters, so are working behind league doors to change future schedules. The NFL will take a substanial loss of television viewers, however, which could cost dollars, regards future TV/NFL pacts.

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