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January 02, 2009

Denver Broncos to interview Garrett

Despite the failures of the Cowboys this season, assistant head coach/offensive coordinator Jason Garrett remains a hot commodity. The Denver Broncos have been given permission by the Cowboys to interview Garrett, according to a source. The Broncos fired Mike Shanahan after 14 years and two Super Bowl titles. Garrett will interview with Denver next week.

Earlier this week, the Detroit Lions requested to interview Garrett. The interest remains after Garrett's offense fell from third in the league to 13th as his play-calling was puzzling at times and Tony Romo's pass distribution became an issue. After the season, Romo and Terrell Owens pointed to problems with the Cowboys' scheme being solved by the opponents.

Denver is also looking at NY Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo, New England offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and Tampa Bay defensive backs coach Raheem Morris. The Broncos are also reportedly interested in Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops.

- Rick Herrin


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Martz? He sucks! He doesn't believe in running the ball. That's great if you want to see Romo paralyzed!

Jason Garrett hasn't forgotten how to coach. The fans who want him gone are dumb. Look at the injuries we had at running back for starters. Second, bringing Roy Williams in at mid-season also derailed this offense. You've got a guy who you aren't familiar with yet. Roy Williams will be a much better player for the Cowboys next season after training camp.
Play-calling is often influenced by the talent available. They had no real threat running the ball. They tried to run the ball. It didn't work. And then Romo got blitzed because their opponents knew they couldn't run.

Mike Martz anyone? He has had experience with two big time receivers and a running game. I'm pretty sure he can come up with a better "scheme"

spagnuolo was already in denver according to sources on yesterday. this is just another perception by jerry in the background pulling the media strings trying to drum up contacts for the RHG. pat bowen and jerry are tight, therefore, both will do anything to save face. the sudden firing of shanahan and now the sudden contact of the RHG to interview for the head coaching job. the only way shanahan takes over at head coach, jerry has to fine a taker for his golden boy the RHG and that taker could be bowen therefore, you have a swap between organizations. if you look at the past history between the 2 organizations, they have exchanged assistant coaches and players in the past, so this type of behind the scenes shanagan between bowen and jerry is nothing new, because of the relationship both owners have for one another. if the RHG gets the bronco job, coach cupcake is out ( to let you know he is out, coach cupcake did not address the team or it's captains prior to the final press conference with his great " get touch" speech, leaving the team in thedark, that's the first clue that cupcake is out, then the sudden shanahan firing, add 2+2, in addition, shanahan was very high on romo, when he was coming out of college and both went to eastern illinois), jerry gives coach cupcake a golden parachuate to resign and during the superbowl week the cowboys announce that shanahan and dom capers are coming to dallas as head coach and defensive coordinator. another clue that cupcake is out, ray sherman interviewing for the rams head coaching job, despite the fact the rams organization has stated that they are preferring a defensive coach to groom howie's son chris so the too can get a ring like his daddy. the system is still in place dont drink the kool-aid because if you do you it will make you angry. jerry is still looking out for jerry, guaranteed and taking the sheep for granted (cowboy fans), the more things change the more things remain the same, the question that exist is perception, which can be manupulated by the media to form public opinion of an individual or group rather it negative or postive, it's a mind thing/

See ya Jason

LOL. FireJasonGarrett.com

Dont let the door hit you on the way out! If we fire the special teams coach because our first string punter is injured, Folk is a Pro Bowler, and gave up 2 TD all year then we should definately fire the Offensive Coordinator. We didn't make the playoffs because he can't coach what he's got. Personally I hope he goes to Detroit.

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