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January 19, 2009

Jason Garrett speaks

Cowboys assistant head coach/offensive coordinator spoke to the media at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala. on Monday afternoon.

Garrett said he is fully focused on the Cowboys now after three interviews for head coaching positions this offseason.

Garrett didn't want to get into details of the second interview with St. Louis. However, he did say that the rumors about him pricing himself out of the job were not the case. "That's not the case at all. It was a really good experience to talk to the Rams," Garrett said.

When asked about his relationship with Terrell Owens, Garrett simply said "I have a lot of respect for him, certainly as a player. And we'll just leave it at that."

-- Rick Herrin


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If you think getting rid of TO is the answer - you are mistaken. He is a threat to any team we play "if" you get the ball to him. Why do you think they HAVE to double team him? Romo just doesn't get the ball to him and forget about him throwing it across the field - he doesn't have the arm for it. I'll keep saying it - Don't forget about Michael Vick. He wants to win - needs to win - needs to be on a team that is hungry to win a Super Bowl and he has a great arm and can throw a ball better than Romo can ever hope of throwing. All our team is great - they all want to win except Romo who says - worse things can happen and losing a game is no big deal. Come on - I am a fan and I WANT them to win EVERY game - even the little ones count. That's why we didn't get to go to the playoffs! THEY ALL COUNT.
Delores Mendoza in Funkytown.

Any offensive coordinator who loses his quarterback and top two running backs to injuries is going to have some struggles. With Roy Williams getting a full off-season of work with Romo, a return to good health by Felix Jones and Marion Barber and Kimproved play by the line, the Cowboys offense will be one of the strongest in the NFL in 2009.

Just because TO wants to win and shows it on his sleeve, he is the culprit. romo can screw up in practice and it shows on game day and not a peep from the media. TO shows the younger players what it takes to win in the nfl, but the media rather have poor work ethnic RW2 to show the younger player who never had a mentor like TO had in jerry rice. The RHG gets a pass from the media, but brian stewart is fired because of his PLAYCALLING. cowboys will probably boycott no matter what happens because the product on the field will be pathetic, no matter who is coaching this football team or playing for this footbal team. the dallas cowboys have become the laughing stock of the nfl, the new aka oakland raiders. this organization is living on past glory that has not been fullfilled in 12 years, because of the vision of the gm.

Some observations:

*Jerry Jones is a very bad GM. I think we all agree. That unfortunately will never change. It's his team so he will be the GM. He is def the most passionate owner though and will spend any amount of money and use any resources. That is a plus.

*Phillips although seemingly a great drinking buddy, is a shell of a coach. He is a good defensive coordinator, ut that's it.

*When Tony Sporano (who helped to call the plays in '07) left to take the job in Miami, Garrett lost his right arm and his mentor. He is young and struggled severely. He is very intelligent though and may (I said may) be able to alter his game planning and in-game adjustments. It will take a helluva offseason for him to accomplish this.

*T.O. although great, is a cancer in the locker room and to the team even if you throw it to him 20 times. He will not change. It is his nature. His own teammates have said as much. The team chemistry was awful and even JJ admitted he missed the boat on this one. I think this was a huge misjudgement! (Back to the whole GM thing again)

*Last thing...I love Romo and think he will be fine, but he has to be held accountable. When he throws a pick or makes a misread, why doesn't a coach go and discuss it with him? He shrugs his shoulders, puts his hat on backwards and sits by himself.

So now what?

Get rid of all of them all, STARTING WITH JERRY JONES. If that's not possible, fire COACH CUPCAKE, THEN T.O. Get a REAL Head Coach; get a REAL Offensive Coordinator, a REAL Defensive Coordinator and make Garret the quarterback coach. Then get 54 players with HEART like Witten, and have a REALl training camp. Then, maybe, we can win a playoff game.

Agree that Garrett is too inexperienced for a team expecting quick results. He got elevated too soon as his inefficient and often perplexing playcalling shows.

Kevin....you are on CRACK. TO isn't the problem....it's Garrett. Garrett does have two years and his infancy in the OC position has exposed his inexperience. He was unable to make adjustment needed to get defenses out of our pathetic playbook. We get rid of T.O., Who replaces him? Nobody on this team. There is no one that can threaten a defense like T.O. Miles is the closest but he's greed as grass. The best fix is to FIX THE SCHEME and Garrett, with his $3M a year is a BUST.

The problem isn't TO.

It's WP.

And if JJ doesn't wake up soon it'll be TS.

Jerry, please hire that Utah HC for CB HC and Jon Gruden as your Defense Coach. Remember, I said it here.

simple as this; we loose because we respect everybody else corners and won't trust our good receivers. throw the ball down field. also finish ball games. we play hard through 3 and lose in 4th. most talent worst coaching. the palyers are not afaid of any coaches. jimmy would have slapped somebody by now or cut them. players were always on p's and q's

diminishing all I've seen Owens do was make plays!!!!

Offensive Coordinator for two years, first year the team finishes 3rd in offense, 2nd year the team with horrible injuries up and down the offense, we finish 13th..yeah let's throw out our 41 year old coach that is well respected around the league because a loud mouth 35 year old diminishing skilled weirdo receiver blames him for things. Retarded.



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