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January 19, 2009

Jerry Jones doesn't want to talk about hot topics

Yeah, shocking isn't it. We caught up with Jerry Jones at his hotel in downtown Mobile, Ala. Monday night and before a question was asked he told us what he would not be talking about this week.

No questions about Terrell Owens, Jason Garrett or Wade Phillips' coaching staff.

Pretty surprising considering Jerry is regularly willing to talk about all aspects about his team. And it would have been his chance to say he is not cutting Owens, if that's the case. The only questions Jerry's willing to answer is about the draft and the Senior Bowl. But does silence say everything in this case?

It's almost like members of the Cowboys organization have made oath not to talk right now. Garrett talked a little to a few reporters while watching practice, but when the topic of T.O. came up he had little to say and ended the interview.

Then I found Phillips and he didn't want to talk. He didn't even want to answer a simple question of whether or not he would fill the vacant defensive coordinator position. What is going on here?

- Rick Herrin


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jerry knows if he says anything it will be a bombshell so it's best for jerry to keep quite. jerry knows that the product on the field for Jerry's World will be pathetic and will be another lost season with the lombardi trophy for cowboy fans. jerry also knows that the boycott of angry cowboy fans around the world is real and real as can be, but ignores it because coporate sponsorship will keep jerry laughing all the way to the bank. it's a sad offseason for cowboys fans, how long do we have to suffer this abuse and be treated like the franchise is the detroit lions, this is THE DALLAS COWBOYS.

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