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January 31, 2009

Jerry Jones' statement on Bob Hayes' Hall election

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said in a statement: "This is a deserving honor for one of the Cowboys' most and truly gifted stars.  We all know he changed the game on the field, but he also brought a unique star quality to the NFL that helped make professional football the most popular sport in the world.  He was a world champion in two different sports, and he had a world class heart.  I couldn't be happier for Bob, he was always one of my personal favorites.

"This is a great day for Bob Hayes' legacy, his family and the Dallas Cowboys."


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As a kid growing up I was always a true blue Cowboys fan and still am. I remember watching Mr. Bob "Bullet" Hayes streaking down the field and scoring touchdowns. What a joy that used to be. I salute you Mr. Hayes with all the respect and admiration I could possibly give. Rest in peace. You were finally given your due.

Thank u Jerry for making it possible for correcting the injustice to this great athlete that not only impacted the game but transformed a franchise and a league that was in need of Hero's back in the day.

Credit gil brandt, tex schramm and tom landry for being innovative enough to showcase Bob Hayes talent to not only to the dallas-ft. worth area, but the entire nation by promoting Hayes as the key element in tom landry's mulitiple offense.
I think the cowboys organization should celebrate Bob Hayes this year by going back to it's roots; bring back the 1966 throwback jersey both home and road, the year Hayes had his breakthrough year after a great rookie season, the put the cowboys in the nfl championship game against the green bay packers, in addition, having Hayes famous # 22 on the back of each players helmet that plays for the cowboys. Now here is the kicker bring back tom landry's multiple offense with the offensive line hitch, movement, motions that was the trademark of the dallas cowboys, have jason garrett go into the cowboys vault library and study what made landry's offense so famous, especially, since dan reeves is coming on board to assist jason, coach landry's multiple offense would give defensive coaches nighmares with all the shifting, motion and hitch the defense would not know who is running the ball or catching the ball; reeves know coach landry's offensive like the back of his hand as a player and a coach under landry. this would be a great way to celebrate Hayes historical enshrinment and to bring back landry's offense that has been under lock and key since 1988. landry's multiple offense could work in the 21st century nfl, it would be a old wrinkle for a new era. This historical moment is right up there with the Obama swearing in ceremony, Hayes induction was that important, Hayes brought a nation together to watch a game of football, people of together regardles of creed, color, religion, to making the dallas cowboys truly america's team. GOD BLESS THE COWBOYS AND THE HAYES FAMILY, GO COWBOYS!!! FINALLY SOMETHING POSITIVE ABOUT THE COWBOYS THAT HISTORICAL.

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