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January 30, 2009

Pacman, Lil Wayne headline Ken Hamlin Birthday Party

Cowboys safety Ken Hamlin didn't advertise his birthday party as much as Terrell Owens did last December but suffice to say he secured the hottest name in the music business to show up at his affair. Yes, I'm talking about Lil Wayne, who was there to promote his new group called Twist. It was nice upscale affair at the Platinum Club at the AAC. Owens was on the promotional material as one of the expected attendees. But the party was in direct conflict with his own Super Bowl party in Tampa Bay. But several Cowboys did attend, including Keith Davis, Chris Canty, Bradie James and Andre Gurode. One former Cowboy was there too...Yes, Adam Pacman Jones. Pacman refused to be interviewed. He also expressed his dissatisfaction with me over his treatment in the media. I gave him my card and told him if he had anything to say on the record about his departure from the Cowboys, his legal entanglements and his future in the NFL to give me a call. Stay tuned. Clarence Hill



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clarence the reason why pacman probably want discuss anything with u is because he probably trusted u at first then u let him down with ur negative perception of him, especially, doing his suspension time, which feed right into the hands of galloway and engle giving them ammunition to dump more negativity on pacman. when u lost pacman trust, it's was over. so why do keep hounding the man for information when u know if he says anthing it's are to be perceived as negative. if i was pacman i would continue to keep lip zeal. because it does not matter what comes out of his mouth, it 's what u write that people will form a perception.

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